New Engine For The S10 / LS Oil Pump Mods

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  1. Good score on the 6.0 . Got a question, little off subject but when u put disk brakes on your 9" rear end did you have trouble getting your back brakes to bleed?

  2. Good score on the engine!! I have a couple friends that did the same mod to the exact same oil pump with great success, as you said might not do much will greatly increase the life of the oil pump!!!! Can’t wait to see you run the truck and see how much mph you have gained!!!

  3. Nice work on the oil pump, that's how I do all mine. You could resuse the crank from the 5.3 if it's in better shape. Your gonna be looking at about 11:1 with those heads on the 6.0.

  4. Lol another cam bearing guy. Those bearings looked just like that when GM line honed the cam bearings in the block with zero miles…..but do whatever makes ya happy.

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