My Nerd Preferred Travel Trailer!! 2022 Cougar 29BHS

2022 Keystone Cougar 29BHS Cargo Bunkhouse Family Travel Trailer
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With an extra large folding cargo bunk, surprisingly good storage, and host of premium features Keystone’s Cougar 29BHS travel trailer is a model I always personally wish I had for my own household!
Hitch 765 lb.
Empty 7,090
Cargo 1,710
Max 8,800
Length 34’1″
Height 11’6″
Fresh 60gal
Gray 60gal
Black 30gal

• Learn about Keystone’s Solar Flex platform here:

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00:00 Intro & Overview
02:14 Stepping Into the Living Room
08:36 Big Bathroom!
10:27 Kitchen in Detail
13:17 King Bedroom
15:06 Travel Access
17:12 Exterior Overview
20:25 Outside Details
23:17 Roof & Solar
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  1. Hi Josh, thanks so much for this video! Does this trailer have Azdel on Board or is there a half-ton towable you recommend that is very comparable to this trailer that does? Thanks for all you do!

  2. If its nerd preferred, I gotta watch… This Cougar is a very efficient and comfortable design. You would be hard-pressed to find so many features in such an otherwise small package. I especially like the travel access to the bathroom with its own door. Without it, its a deal-breaker. With it, it is a deal-maker.

    Agree with you regarding 3/4 ton recommendation, but a properly equipped half-ton with a quality weight-distribution & sway hitch would get the job done nicely due to the sub-800 lb tongue weight.
    BTW, Carlos McGuillicuty, would he be a Desilu production by chance?

  3. Two things I do not like,which honestly probably would not be a deal breaker..The awning could be be a bit larger.. definitely enough room between the window and pass through door..and the floor ducting for the heating..

  4. As far as changes go, extending the awning so front arm on other side of window better; even with no slam doors not being able to open them fully just makes them more accident prone. Second is the kitchen counter that blocks access could be a flush drop down too, should give enough room to scootch by but can still access drawers when needed.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I like the idea of the King size bed although it takes away from the kitchen counter space, we don’t like the window over the bed (we had one leak on us in the past) outside bathroom access can be handy although it is a pretty small bathroom, outside storage access in the back pretty cool, although I have to say overall I still prefer the Jayco 28 BHS over this model

  6. Only our website you have 2 with same model number at 2 different prices ans 1 with different model number at another price? How can you tell which is which?

  7. I REALLY like this one! I love all the curves. On the storage above the sink, the counter top, the closet wall and the dinette seats. The biggest selling feature for me is second door for in and out bathroom use which, as you mentioned, helps while the slides are closed. Another big deal for me is the large front bedroom window. Like you, this one checked almost all the boxes for me. Awesome.

  8. I agree with you, Josh, this was a really great layout! Although I don't travel with a family, I could definitely make use of the cargo storage area for my travel scooter. It would also be great space to hold dog crates for my fur kids. A few things I would like to see different would be:
    1. Swap out the tub for a shower
    2. Add D-rings to the cargo floor to secure items being stored
    3. Add drawers to the dinette benches for easier access to storage space
    4. Add option for 60×80 queen bed
    Otherwise they have basically nailed it!

  9. When it comes to quality, how are cougar and Flagstaff comparable or different? As much as i really love this layout, i really love having a 26ft camper with double bunks that still work with teens and don't mind the Murphy bed.

  10. I have a question for you. How much weight does the pull out sofa hold? I have some friends that are fairly heavy. Not sure if it'll hold them.

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