My 250k Mile 350z Blew Up Racing An RSX On Track! How long did it last?

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We take our 200k+ mile cars to the road course at Pueblo Motorsports Park to see what one is faster on the track!

The 250k mile Nissan 350z ended up having some overheating issues on track and ended up with a rod knock! The Stock Acura RSX Type-S Was a champion and ran great all day!

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  1. Good stuff Trevor!! Loads of fun to watch!! Cheap & easy. Really good bang for buck. & so much better on a track than the public roads. Like watching the full episode. More like a tv episode. Well done & keep it up. Cheers 🤙🤙🤙

  2. Nissan VK45DE V8 motor from the Infiniti Q45 making 340hp and 333lb ft. Then mate it to the CD009 tranny and slap a centrifugal supercharger on for more linear power.

  3. That mount is to funny my first car when I was 17 had a bad engine mount new one almost$200 I used rocks and duct tape worked great for almost 6 months til I decided to ramp a railroad track ript the tape all the rocks fell out so I did what anyone 17 and broke did got some more rocks and duct tape it back and stopped ramping railroad tracks

  4. Even TJ Hunt and Other people have cooling issues with this car! Even with the bumper on! It would go into limp mode! When they are drifting it! So It is just the car! Don't get me wrong it is a great chassis but there is stuff that needs attention to keep it cool! There is a lot wrong with the air flow on this car! Love the video and the fun you guys had! Need more Lives!

  5. Trevor and crew Hey if you decide to LS swap the 350z Jeremy from fasterproms has a friend that has every piece for easy LS swap even the wiring the can bus I believe is what he called it uses factory z gauges and wiring just a thought if you decide to go this way shout out would be awesome Lance Miller

  6. I wish Trevor’s friends were more energized in his videos they seem so uninterested on what’s going on. Trevor’s energy is so high and they just bring the videos down

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