More New NPK Races – No Prep News Episode 111

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  1. Competition is what drives the racers to build cars for the rules. If you turn the clocks on, then you will increase the competition even more. Look at what has happened to radial racing, especially Donald Longs races- every round is a home run derby when there is a reward for the fastest car. As for the richest are the ones that are the most competitive, is Eric K a rich guy? He finished 3rd, right? I hate to tell you, but no one participates at this level with a cheap POS car- all racers have a lot of money in the cars. If you missed it, Daddy Dave made a comment in one of his videos about he wouldn't mind if his entire operation was gone (or something like that). I really think that a lot of the OKC guys prefer the small street racing that they started with and think that the NPK is too much of a job. Listen to Shawn in his videos- they are on the road constantly and it is wearing on them. That is the vibe I get- but I may be wrong.

  2. Hey sim this was a good one my friend man how do we go from 13 to 17 now possibly 20 npk races that's alot of wear and tear on these cars not everyone has a bigtime racing outfit 😉 you feel me . As far as weight goes Justin's car is 100 to 150 pounds heavier than Ryan's car is it all has to do with the combos they use Justin runs a lockup and Ryan doesn't so he has carry 150 more bottom line it's has to do with the setup and combos they run . I love big chief but he should have to race his way in just like anyone else no Give me's I think chief would want it this way regardless he would rather earn then have it handed to him . As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  3. thats why at the first race, the 24 with the highest points are in the invitational and then at the following race the next 8 are determined by race your way in, or at least thats how it was when we did season 3. they cant have only 32 the whole time because people crash and aren't able to fix their cars to come back and then if there isnt someone to fill that spot, the numbers get smaller and that creates bye runs and it just ends up sucking. basically, you have to get into the top 24 and stay there the entire season and you will be in

  4. Thanks Sim
    The weight should be the minimum should be the same for all cars !
    Port-A-Tree should develop a tree for NPK so the light drops differently everytime, this would make it harder to guess the light.
    I'M I LAST?
    I want to be last

  5. I am against turning the clocks on. Im sure the racers know what everyone is running but it just has an exciting factor. Passes look faster then they appear so I believe it gives more of a excitement not seeing the clock. In my eyes Big Chief is Street Outlaws so he should be able to come and go as he see's fit when it comes to NPK, but like you sim im a bit biased.

  6. Top 24 with 8 winners is the best way! But the 8 winners should get timed so there could be 30 other cars trying to get in not just 16 AND if the 2 fastest cars line up together one of the big dogs don't get snuffed

  7. Hey Sim did it ever occur to you the more money these cars cost and the cost to be a winning car in the end it will dwindle the car count down considerably. It was good at first a lot of cars could win. Now you can count them on one hand. Big money will ruin NPK in the end.

  8. Sim I know big chief is your man but he needs to race his way in just like the next racer that’s what’s great about no prep anyone can have a chance to get in love your show keep up the great work 👍👍👍👍

  9. I heard that there are the elite drivers who get paid the most. Kye , Shawn, Ryan, Chuck, Lizzy, and Daddy Dave. They get paid by percentage of the gate. But if they are not there racing they don't get the money. There is also a percentage of the gate that is split up between the other drivers who make the show. Then some of the drivers are getting sponsors to help with their cost. People like Doc, Dom, Bird brothers, Bobby, Chuck55 , they are payed just enough to make the show but without the merchandise they couldn't race. There is some big money to be made by the show. Especially with the TV money. I know when I went to Tucson Arizona NPK I payed for parking. Tickets for both days 256 dollars plus 100 for racing. Worth every penny. Great video.

  10. If you turn the clocks on you could turn it into an extra points opportunity where yeah each race a different person could get the fastest lap and earn an extra 5 yo 10 points in the championship would shake some stuff up but it would vary by track meaning the fastest driver may change because the track is different maybe turn the clocks off after round 2

  11. You can bet the tv producers are going to make sure, that all camera/videographer is prohibited at the track. Atleast from fan areas with veiw of the races. They got burned this season, I've seen so many channels pop up, right when npk season started. That's one of the reasons people like you actually help promote the sport, vs just a cash grab. Love the channel bro, #TTVE.

  12. Justin’s building his new car for better maintenance reasons, not speed. Yes he’s trying to go quicker but not through building the car. He’s trying a different convertor & gear ratios for that.

  13. New team named after the Clint Eastwood movie the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Jackie "The Good", Chief "The Bad" and Reaper "The Ugly" NPK next season. Chief raced in in season three when he attended just like everyone else.

  14. So Sim as far as the clocks being on and fans not wanting to watch slow tracks you really can't tell the difference in a 4.10 run next to a 3.80 when watching it on by what the time slip shows
    And if Big Chif showed up and want to race one or two races I think he should race his way in like lots of the 405 guys have to do in NPK
    Think for your input and keep rocking

  15. Cheif would and should have to race his way in. He isn't above anyone, it isn't a 405 race. How would they justify allowing him in just on his name. Qualifying is done in all drag racing events and should be done here.

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