MKI Ford Capri Upgrades! New Brakes, New Carb, Getting closer to a "Test Drive"!

It’s been a few months since we updated all of you on the little green MKI Ford Capri project, we’ve had the parts for this video sitting around for quite some time just haven’t had the TIME! Fortunately our good friend Norm at Team Blitz has hooked us up with a new Carburetor as well as new rotors and caliper rebuild kits, all WE have to do is the work!

We aren’t exactly sure how long it’s been since this 1974 Ford Capri was on the road but it’s certainly been a while so we have quite a bit of work ahead of us but that’s ok! It’s all about the journey right? Time to get the little 2.0 liter Pinto motor breathing and running correctly and to get this horribly aged and dragging brakes fixed. Of course, almost none of that went according to plan but the good thing with that is it gives us a chance to show off some fixing skills.

As you’ll see there’s certainly still more work to do, and more parts to order, but it’s moving forward. With summer quickly drawing to a close this car WILL be back on the road and able to be driven we promise!

Huge thanks as always to all our subscribers, followers, fans, and customers who have made our business successful and gotten our channel to where it is today. Special thanks to the SRC / Street Racing Channel / SRC Garage / Old Man’s Garage / Junkyard Digs folks for showing such amazing support for us over the past several months. Without all of you we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today. We hope you enjoy this one!


  1. Good evening Austin, that was an awesome brake job by Rich, that green machine is gonna stop better than new, now in to the next beautiful machine!🤗

  2. As a loyal fan I do watch all your videos and I always try to leave a comment and they're always positive as a business owner and a mechanic dude clean your shop stop everything for 2 days and empty and clean your shop yes I understand we cannot stop for 2 days blah blah blah the way you're working in that shop being so dirty and so full of unuseless items is slowing you down every minute of every day

  3. I HAD ONE! 🙂 Mine was a '74 Mk1 4 speed…Those bumpers are insanely heavy, removing them is a major performance improvement… Oh and Mk1's look super cool without the GIANT BUMPERS!
    Also check the trunk they used to spray foam in between the quarter panels and the foam holds water, they tend to rust out right there.

    Something I'd love to see is a 5 speed swap, something sorta like a T5, I was always losing clips off the shift arms, we almost missed the Fords only show in Hillsboro Oregon near the Intel facility years ago because of a clip… we were taking my Cousins '73 Mk1 with the 2600 V6 to the show and lost a clip rowing though gears on the highway

  4. Nice to see the old dog getting fixed. Motor sounds rough, those pinto motors do like a valve clearance adjustment. Check the coolant hoses, I had a heater hose blow on one of those motors at speed and it cooked the engine. Car will look great with the earlier chrome bumpers and some headlamp bezels too.

  5. I'd say there's a few more than five that watched lol. Educational videos aren't always the most entertaining. You do good work. I'd love to work with you guys but the commute would be awful from Florida 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Hi guys, imagine the looks it would get with a V8, headers and an exhaust a bit quieter than the AMX. Bang gears in that!😁 I remember those Capri`s in and after high school. Cool little cars.

  7. You'll find that as you work on the car further you will come across some SAE US spec. bolts. Mostly related to the emissions systems. You will also want to eliminate the starter interlock system.
    You will find the module for this in the right rear quarter below the "C" window. Just pull the inner panel and then follow the wire loom up to the dash. With a couple of splices and re-wiring you can simplify the wiring under the dash.

  8. This is very entertaining for old gear heads like me. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming. Good friend of mine had a yellow 73 Mercury Capri, that thing was a blast to drive.

  9. I've drilled a hole in the body of the caliper and then pressed the piston out. The calipers are easy to weld so as a last resort ?

  10. For what its worth, when I rebuilt the 2 piece front calipers of my Lexus, it found it worked way better to leave them together until you get all the pistons popped out at once.

  11. in UK, there is a massive shortage of good mechanics, is it the same over there ? wages almost doubled for higher technicians since the big 'flu, $36 – 48k for good lads at main dealers
    the cars are a nightmare to fix now mind, your spanners go rusty while you wear the print off diagnostic keyboards….
    over here you can get a kit [spacers] to widen calipers + fit vented discs [rotors], was a popular mod.

  12. How to turn any car in to an EV, just pop it in gear and drive it with the starter motor. The Capri was supposed to be the European Mustang, they sold them with an engine as small as 1.3L, lol, the biggest you could get here was the 3.0l V6, it's only a light car thou, and there was a few companies that did turbo conversion, from Tickford in the UK, and there was a German dealer version based on the Zackspeed race car. The fast Escorts of the period were better sports cars TBH.

  13. That Capri fought you on that brake system. The engine sounds good with a new carburetor. Well, after the alternator is repaired. You should have a driver. Great job Rich . Thank you for sharing!

  14. Ford capri's are a popular drag car here in Australia, would make a pretty good no prep ride i would think. Twin turbo ls that makes good power nothing too spicy would have pretty good power to weight ratio and the fact you dont see to many used this way over there it would be an eye catcher for sure.

  15. If your buddy with the parts store has any Euro bumpers/fenders. I’d get them. As they would really finish the look of the car. As it is those bumpers/fenders are not a pleasant look for the car! After you set the timing I’d check the rocker clearances. Although this is a OHC engine it still uses rockers. Which I’m sure I can hear tapping away!
    I cannot believe this car is so clean! As a boy herd in England. These cars were rare to see. As most of them had rotted away. I had the MK II with the same OHC 2.0 litre engine. They can be safely bored out to 2.1 litres. This enables them to run better on twin 45mm Webber carbs. But the need to run cooler is a necessity. As the 2&3 cylinder head exhaust valves are prone to cracking. So a cooler thermostat is a must!
    Those motors are able to put out 150 hp with porting, valve job intake and a descent exhaust manifold. Thank you for this great video on a old Ford classic! There’s thousands in England and Europe that would pay good money for this car once done!
    Can’t wait to see the next video bud!!

  16. It may not be a Pinto but thats what the engine was called here in Europe, it was called a lot of other things as you went through camshafts and followers.😂

  17. Such fun projects to collaborate with Rich and Austin at Lucore. Great guys, great shop. That's so cool seeing you put the Team Blitz banner on the windshield!!!

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