Mini Cooper with a BIG BLOCK..and it runs 7's!!

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This is hands down the fastest Mini Cooper we’ve ever seen for obvious reasons! While cruising around the pits at Lights Out 13, Fred spotted this Mini Coopering the distance with a fat tire on the back, he whipped his camera out. Even though Kent had to tame the Mini down for the class he was in, it was still an awesome opportunity to see such a unique car like this go down the track. Thank you to Kent for bringing this thing all the way down from Canada!

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  1. Love the car but absolutely hate people that sand bag with restrictor plates. Especially over a full second sand bagging. 🤦‍♂️

  2. College girl says;;; I want to do that to my mini cooper.
    My buddy had pictures of a Honda Civic in the late 70's w/a 454 stuffed in it. Gary, Indiana is where the guy was from.

  3. I want to know the length of the axles coming out of that rear differential. My guess is just long enough to hold some bolts lol .

  4. I actually passed my driving test in one of these, it was the cooper d version, America never got the diesel version

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