When you tout that you’re the best in the industry, this should NOT HAPPEN! The most expensive Mopar restored at GYC comes back for QC issues. Mark is not happy.

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  1. I said it first whatever it is it's probably something minor till I seen they had the hood off which it's probably something in the motor which is not good

  2. Not gonna lie…
    As soon as that thing is painted and finished, get her outta the shop..
    Don't want the shop catching fire from her.. lol.

  3. Let me first say this; I love GYC show. But how in the hell can you say the man running the YT channel is doing a 'Great Job' when all he does is re-post the same episodes again and again and again?! There is just so many times one can watch the same episode over and over. This will drive away viewers.

  4. My pet peeve is jumping around from one build to another, with no segues in between. Otherwise; GYC is well done, especially with the quality of the workmanship

  5. I was almost expecting the coronet to fall off the trailer when it got dropped off. I've watched too much gas monkey lol

  6. My first car that I learned to drive on. My dad's 68 cornet. Copper with white interior. Then my dad sold it to the neighbor an older kid. Next day it was parked in their yard. Heavy front end Damage. Then I had the 68 barracuda red black interior. Horrible car. Sold it and bought a 74 javelin black with white interior Gold stripe. 401 4 speed. Nice car. I paid 500 dollars for the barracuda in 75. Sold it for 800 and paid 1200 for the javelin in 76. Oh life was great.

  7. This would be a great show if Mark would be less annoying… and by the way you (Mark) are quality control because I remember the day you test drove it and loaded it on the truck to go….so your blind in one eye and can't see out of the other because you signed off on it as soon as you put it on the truck for delivery…. your name is on the door if anything else you should be the last one to sign off before the car exists the shop….

  8. Mark, you need to stick to what you're good at, restoring those cars and leave communications with outsiders and video production to the pros, because these areas you are not good at, not even close. If you can do that, it will help your bottom line immensely.

  9. Someone disassembled a 1970's modular home and used the indoor paneling for the backing of the interior panels and the roof sheeting or siding for the floor of the car definitely a budget rebuild DIY at its finest

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