1. Car is looking good keep up the good work. Hats off to the way you acknowledge your fans when signing autographs, making eye contact and welcoming attitudes. Best wishes going forward.

  2. Good job boddie you guys are killing it my brother. Your car's the operation looks so professional I like it keep up the good work man I can't say it enough

  3. Your family organization y'all keep working at it man y'all make it y'all getting it done proud of y'all ma like meet your brothers one day

  4. Sr should never drive again jr is 10 times the driver. I have have never seen Sr get done the track cleanly. His boy goes rounds

  5. San Francisco Bay Area like to say Thank you guys and gals for showing hospitality welcoming Team Boddie everywhere

  6. Boddie first time i saw u and how you carried yourself i was impressed by your style and being authentic in your honesty, Big Chief and you are my favorites ! Dont change brother๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜Ž

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