LIMPY In Ohio? Johnny Cash Hits Ohios First Official Cash Days

We head over to Ohio for basically the state fair of street racing haha Johnny got his new mo mo in and is boogying! Taking us some time to get a handle on the new boost control but it’s going to be fast once we do!


  1. Watched Road Kill live on YouTube, along with the usual suspects YouTube videos of the event, and based on you hanging with Alex I’m hoping she trained you on how to adjust white balance on your phone/camera 🙏

  2. Everyone that mows grass should have the discharge facing away from the street. Just in case a street race kicks off you don’t want to be that guy.😂

  3. Heard thru the Grapevine, Billy and the Falcon got hosed @ Roadkill Nights? Allegedly!! I know you guys are real dudes. So I ask you. Do you think the Falcon was not a top 8 small tire car @ that event? I heard something about the timing system being different 🤔 If that's the case, then everyone should have been told about it !! Kinda Fckn Shady imo if so!! Gr8 video as always brother! Thnx for the content

  4. Them cameras must be ALOT harder to tune than the cars cause they can racecar but boy that 📸 will whoop some ass. 🤣😂🤣JK man I don't give a shit just film it. Had to mess with ya.😂

  5. Be nice to find out in the next video how the dome pressure control worked out at Roadkill. You was thrashing on Johnny there for a while, according to reporting. It was good to see Bumper, Gap Train, Lil Heavy, and Johnny representing. I like ‘‘em all!

  6. My husband watches your videos and said he use to read your buddies electric meter few years ago when he worked for duke energy he thought it was cool cause we have done hits on that road in his charger.

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