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  1. This was very fun to watching. Great bunch of people out there in Ohio racing. Please come back to the Ozarks .Fall time would be great. Less heat and humidity. The cars can breathe.

  2. Killer video! The footage keeps getting better! Tommy and Allison you two are killing it! Thanks for bringing us to the action! Keep pushing!

  3. Mexico nights are the greatest!!! Gonna keep a smile on my face all day today. Gotta love it. The group had a test night and ripped ass afterwards. Mexico night this Friday waiting on fuel pump and stripper glitter. Project 6.0SS got woke up just by changing some nuts on the suspension I actually had to drive it!!! What a blast awesome to see the street show is back. Somebody needs a line lock priceless just brother's poking fun Lmaooooof

  4. Congratulations Billy if CJ hadn't been asleep at the start it could've been tighter, on to the Falcon after observing it seems his lights were dim could be a bad ground somewhere and 14 volts is just a bandage

  5. Good people & good times.. Seriously though, top notch content plus editing & the friendships that you have with each other is truly something to be envious of. Well done cutting that light Billy, .001 for sure… Good to see CJ making solid passes again, but even better seeing the entire family doing their thing…

  6. The shirt that cm is wearing says it all lol glad u all are the way u guys are with one another congrats to all of u that's what racing is about

  7. Mr. Billy. You need to get a RCSB chevy for a street truck. Alot of peoples out there that we all make it a community. Ask your brother. He is now in the RCSB world. But Congrats on the win. I thought he had it in the bag especially after everyone helped CJ with his car. Awesome racing an thank you for the awesome content.

  8. Hey, Hey!!!!..outta site Billy!! Congratulations! eat yer heart out Cheif!!
    Now that's how you cut a lite!!,it was crazy how CJ made that up that fast though..Hell of a race !!!..Glad everyone is safe & the only thing that got creamed was the corn!!!..baha!😁 keep em smokin!!!!

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