Lexus ISF Lines Head Up with K Series Turbo Civic EG Hatch $4000 💰

Guys, I hope you enjoy this video! I finally got a camera again and Im able to bring you some quality videos! All I ask guys, is hit the like buton, comment and share!!!! THanks fellas

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  1. Every sore loser gotta watch this clip and see the civic owner how man up to the lose. Lost his clutch , noted he lost fair and square and ask for a rerun respectfully. No shit talking no BS. That’s the racing energy everyone loves seeing. Not these people arguing and fighting

  2. Common mistake to turbo a k24 on a front wheel drive car… too much wheel spin… I was surprised that he got out the hole quicker, but he kept on spinning… he should’ve went with a k20 with boost by gear.

  3. Everyone should be this humble during a race !!! But ppl be getting butthurt and want to pull guns out or start throwing hands smh . Great run though shit happens , be back next time to catch the rerun

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