Kye Kelley’s New Cars – No Prep News Episode 143

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  1. Hey sim the new npk shocker looks awesome except for the prostock hood scoop 😉 and I can't wait to see the street shocker as well. I'm pretty sure he'll have quite a few licks on that thing before they start the 2nd half of npk and David Gates bought the show stoper hey but I'm with you sim Justin is my guy. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  2. KD is my local track. It's surface is really sketchy. Limpy is the godfather of the streets and wanted to throw a cash days race that brought out some BADAzz cars and a lot more spectators than usual. It was amazing races

  3. Billy won 10k in the Nova Saturday @ Onedaga Dragway only a 14 car field I think. But a bunch of killers.. Including S.O.'s Johnny Quick!! Brandon Mork, Tommy and the Falcon, the White Dude with that Grey fox that Billy raced in the finals last week. Those Boy's got that Fox flying!! And of course Billy with the Nova.. so like over half the field could have won it all !! Johnny Quick broke or it was looking like a SRC Quick finals!! Would have been a Hellova race. Quick got that Big ProCharged power!! I'm sure Billy wanted a shot @ a S.O. legend!!

  4. They're using Billy's nova for the top end racing an radials and then use the truck for back end of the track style racing from watching their videos that's their plan

  5. That new shockers windshield looks to be layed back a lot more than a stock car, also Kye won’t have any problems with the new car especially having a few weeks to test while on break.

  6. Takes some balls to switch cars mid stream when he is running so well. He is literally inches away from beating Ryan consistently. Props to kye.

  7. Errybody should be THANKFUL Kye hasn't jumped on the supercharged hemi or turbo 481x bandwagons. He's stayed true to nitrous and is STILL pissing people off. If he'd go and get that 800-1000 hp advantage that boosted cars have, he'd be all but unstoppable

  8. Now and Kai was talking about the shocker I don’t think it’s two cars I think that’s one in the same car that he just built I could be wrong though but I don’t think he built two cars

  9. (*most) Everyone has two hands Right? And it doesn’t matter which hand you use hand you use, still goes by the same name Right? Same here with the car. If you giving her the Shocker, then she “should” already know who’s doing the driving! 😂🙃😝

    Ok ok, now here is a question that needs answering….

    If Kye Kelley, Disco Dean, And Joe Wood were to form a team, what name would they go by?

  10. I was wondering if he can see the tree with that huge Scoop ?🤔. So glad to know he's going to transfer some parts from the OG Shocker to new one so that OG lives !.😊
    I just made another order to Midwest using your code, Thanks Sim !.TTVE

  11. So you're going to do a video about Kyle Kelly's new cars when he's already done a video about both of them and told everybody everything they need to know about it.
    I like you Sim and I like your show but there was absolutely no need you even doing this one!!!

  12. Damn bro that lighting man I think that lighting makes you look like little Eddie Munster just kidding bro keep it up man good job

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