Kye Kelley’s New Car for No Prep Kings – No Prep News Episode 129

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  1. Hey sim great stuff man it's cool that kye k is sticking with what brought him to the game that sweet 3rd gen Luke you said all those other camaros are nice but it's a bit much I think kye should keep both cars just saying 😉. I would love for Justin to get the win but they were struggling with all the new stuff they're trying so I might be Ryan. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  2. My pick for winner of the first race. Lutz or murder Nova Shawn. I think the weight reduction for the turbo cars are going to show up at the first race.

  3. Got ?, prolly gone get bashed bc my lack of knowledge in certain areas(mainly jus race cars) will u do a vid gettin more in depth of their cars, engines, why do this on this motor or why not ect ect.why cant you run nitrous w a turbo, or w blowers pro charger ect ect. I’d assume bc that much HP the street can’t handle it a knock the tires. And would also assume w nitrous it’s a heat/over heating with a turbo slammin in air.

  4. Great show thanks for all the info on NPK just a comment I don't know if you've ever covered it but I ran into an episode of Pinks Big Chief and daddy Dave on it maybe now that Big Chief has a little time on his hands 🙂 you could do an episode about it , if you have not already … usmcbill84

  5. You talk about Kye with all these cars. He has two to date since Street Outlaws started. Now if you talk JJ daboss he is always showing up with different cars.

  6. No this is not episode whatever you said ever you said it used to be about big chief now I see it's not about him so this is episode like 5 or 6 anyway I'm so p*** off right now Murder Nova I don't care if he is the racemaster he had no right being able to race his way in when there was a whole episode for over a month and he went 1 and 11 dominator dominator the young buck f*** let me tell you there's about 5 or 6 other people outother people out there that was faster than him at that time… No s*** his car's faster now cause hes up fireball's a** so much much that you can't even see his face anymore he needs a remember who his real friend was that started him off arerr to him off on street outlaws.. I am somebody on the outside looking in but all I know is take the f**** nail Polish off your feet and pull and please your flip flops look like my old ladies that she walks around the house in…lol You were at a street race you're not at the beach so so when you start being the person that I started watching 10 years ago then I will have the respect that I used to have for you the only reason I still like him a little bit is because hes still with his wife but God strike him down that's the next thing hes gonna f****

  7. Lizzie musi or kye win this year. . All they had to so is add a little nitrous. And pat is smart . Plus they lost weight and the pro chargers had to add weight.. nitrous cars will dominate. Atleast kye and lizzie. Guaranteed

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