Kye Kelley vs John Odom Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Tulsa NPK 2022 Invitational

Kye ftw !!!!


  1. Odom is running the worst combo out there and if he’s running the same style supercharger as S/G he’s not even running a 8-71 screw blower he’s running a little like 2.8L whipple blower which screwing both of them whipples suck worse than screw blowers unless there enormous like a 6L+

  2. Kye Kelly can't be switching cars like that. This is bullshit they said it before you have to run what you started with, he was in Aftershock in the first round I saw it. Now he's in shocker

  3. Odom is a douche. Claims to be a "street outlaw" never seen that car nor him on any street. No way he could hang on the streets. Douche bag!!

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