Klutch Kickers – S3 Rd2 – Top 64 Battles

I had a mix of bad driving and tough luck that made for a crash in Top 64.

We fixed it in the 15 mins they gave us. See how it plays out.



  1. Phenomenal effort. Can you clarify the ruling and what happened and why you were fixing it. You spun on the lead and impacted the leader on your chase. Didn't the win go to the other driver?

  2. that was an amazing effort and very cool to see, sorry it didn’t work out in your favor but a lot worse could’ve happened on track like you said. good luck next event i love these videos, also going to be bringing in my 240 to dspare soon, the good ol ferrari badge red 240

  3. Absolutely LOVED this coverage! Sorry for your bad luck but a lot of future drifters need to see this. All taps and collisions we see aren’t just “crank the car up and start over” loved in the heat of it you grabbed your camera to get us the good stuff ❤️❤️ thank you!

  4. Man! I don’t know how you kept it together mentally through that. After realizing you got the OMT, getting the car drivable, then realizing you were done, I would have lost my f-ing mind! Excellent recovery by your crew! Sad it ended this way. You definitely are an amazing driver. Your lines were great. I feel that you can drive anything man! Thanks for rolling the camera during all. Little dude did great keeping the footage going. 👍🏻

  5. Sorry about the results man but that was a heroic effort on the part of you and your crew. You did your best and should be proud!

  6. Bummed it didn’t work out for you man, there is always next time to step on that podium. Sad that I didn’t get the change to meet you, when I walked through the pit area on Sunday you guys were already gone. Are you back in salt lake already? I am here for a day and half. Others see you in Portugal next time! ✌️

  7. that just broke me to watch. how does someone with so much God given talent to drive get delt such shitty hands in comp? we drove for 3 days in Idaho without a single problem, you go to one comp and if it can break its breaks.

    so upset.

    gunna throw this phone as soon as I finish this comment.

  8. Anybody grab that Allen socket right before Brandon asked if all the tools were accounted for 🤔.
    What a close call on time damn

  9. You tried your best but stuff happens, sorry about your bad luck but I know that you'll be back next round to push even harder! Great content man, keep it up!

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