Justin Swanstrom Unstoppable!!

No Prep Kings racer Justin Swanstrom entered the big tire invite class at the Tulsa No Prep Kings event. Swanstrom comes back after a couple of setbacks which included crashing and setting his car on fire. Swanstrom manage to fix the car quickly for the next event. After that race Swanstrom had a couple of weeks to properly get the car lined out and managed to get a new color wrap. The bright green color changes to the car paid off as Swanstrom was looking extra fast and was able to reach the finals of the race against Lizzy Musi. The night before Swanstrom was in the semi-finals of the great eight as well. Check out the video and see how Swanstrom managed to beat everyone and win the big forty thousand grand prize. Check out the video for the action and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Missed the 1st round when Justin beat his son Kye! Justin beat the following to take home $40k…

    Kye Kelley
    Daddy Dave

    Well deserved, didn’t come easy!

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