Jumping The Light In NPK, The Biggest Cause for Concern or Butthurt – No Prep News Episode 104

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  1. You know Sim, what bothers me about NPK, Memphis, & the 405 (My Fav), Nola and all the rest, is the opening for disputes and fights. With NPK they need to go to a Pro Tree that would solve the jumping issue. With Memphis get rid of Chase is a race. With the 405 simply reform the call out system so no one can run from a call out. When you make it possible to cheat we are human and we are going to cheat and then justify it.

  2. When you hit the gas your car or truck does not move forward first. My 70 Cuda would squat in the back then the front would rise up then the car would start moving forward. All the took a half of a second. So I would leave as soon as the 3rd yellow came on and I would cut 05 to 50 light. If green is what they agree to leave on then guessing is cheating. IJS

  3. In my town YOU can win the race but boy YOU getting a bashing down the big end AND chased across the country if you can escape with your LIFE cause YOUR car is burnt tow truck gone AND YOU can try to call the cop's but then your snitching racing can be tough if you ain't tough

  4. Great video sims as always ..jumping the light everybody has the opportunity to do it u do what u have to do to win maybe u have a slower car and that's the only way to win or maybe u r just as fast as your opponent but u are not confident in your tune .whatever the reason .but it is a big chance u may red light it's the chance u r willing to take to win which is the name of the game WIN WIN WIN .who hasent taking any advantage to win not just in racing but other sports as well.lost all respect for Robin Robert's taking advantage of Brandon who is young and new to this I won't be your friend if u don't go by the scales because u guessed and beat me ..he had the same opportunity. This is not a team event ..it is a individual event I can't believe he asked Brandon to do it and most importantly he did it …ttve

  5. TTVE. The light is the light your either red or your not, racers have always looked for and found every single little tiny advantage they can get. Seems to me like they've got some TV show b.s. going with this tree stuff.

  6. How do yall see the next race b4 it's on u said Lutz wins the next race but I pay for discovery+ and I have discovery go and I can't watch the next show on either one and I would love to watch it early. Love all ur street outlaws knowledge ur the only YouTuber about Street outlaws I watch thanks for taking the time keep up the good work.

  7. I agree with you on that light jumping bull I race and you always try to outrun that green light I hands off they don't red light let it dip that's your fault I agree 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾👍

  8. I got nothing against Lizzy but she was angry AF because Kamikaze Chris left the starting line first and got the win. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 "I'm not crying, IM DEFINITELY NOT CRYING " she says……. uhh no hunny, you were DEFINITELY FUCKIN CRYING!! But ya are so cute when you're angry. It is NOT against the rules to guess on the light.

    This goes for anyone, if you're gonna get butthurt because someone guesses on the light, then make sure your car is faster.

  9. I think the so called "jumping the light" is in the same realm as racing on an unprepared surface. Since No Prep is a means to level the playing field, the same can be said for "jumping the light".

  10. Sim, this is where your inexperienced understanding of Competition drag racing shows. Not a bad thing just due to the fact your a young guy who is still learning.

    So according to what you feel is "ok" to jump, will not allow the fastest car to prevail!

    Guys are guessing because they're cars don't deserve to be there lol

    The fastest guys should be in the finals every week. And not some unknown guy who guessed a good light lol

    Come on dude ya have to think about that a little more before you think it's OK


    JoeSkylark ✌

  11. I firmly believe npk should be considered professional racing. The winner of the promod 2021 nhra championship won $50k. The npk pays $100k plus $40k per race. That's serious money. Pro quality equipment, haulers and drivers for the most part.

  12. If you get paid as a race car driver…even in free t-shirts and hats, you are being paid to race and when you are paid to do ANYTHING regularly, you become a professional in whatever that is.

    Kind of like Big Chief getting paid YouTube money for taking gratuitous video shots of Jackie's ass, every time he passes her with the video camera aimed at her ass in one of their videos. A portion of the people on YouTube love Jackie WAYYYY more than Chief so his offering eye candy, in fact, enriches him more so yes, Justin Shearer is in fact a professional videographer of Jackie's ass.

  13. It just looks bad to me when you see the car leave before green with the naked eye, yet they get the win light. I haven't counted the ratio, but seems like they get away with it more often than not. As far as people "crying" about it, that's ultimately how rules get changed for following seasons if enough racers/fans aren't happy with it. Either reduce the distance to the cone that gets tripped, or go by the crack of the tyre. ie. the rule the guys that NPK was created for use. If that means a handful of slower cars don't show up, then so be it. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of cars wanting to get into NPK anyway.

  14. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 everyone guesses the light or had it done to them but most ain’t a cry baby like Robin Roberts🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Skip the scales or we not friends anymore Team X ain’t nothing but a bunch of cry baby’s

  15. I lost a lot of respect for Robin Roberts by telling Brandon James he would not be his friend no more if he doesn't go over scales. No I don't care for them jumping the light but I wouldn't be a cry baby about it. They just are trying to even the playing field but its 50 50 just like he got mad with justin swanstrom. But I street and track race I wait for the green. I feel like everyone on the show shouldn't have to I want to see who truly is the fastest. Its just a touchy subject that no prep officials need to look into. Have a great day sim.

  16. I made it to npk this weekend, first time. Had an awesome time! Was great to see Lutz win! Got to meet alot of the racers, all were great people to talk to! Keep up the good work! TTVE!

  17. #TTVE Sim, another great episode! Lutz's win is well overdue, so excited for them! The new Midwest Street Cars Halloween shirt is one of the best ever designed. Everyone needs to head over to their site and order one!!!!

  18. Its always been about guessing who reaction time is the quickest ,im sorry these guys are butthurt but thats what practice trees are for !!

  19. This is what happens when you put street guys and track guys together on a track. NPK is track racing just on a non prepped surface and the street guys bring their bag of tricks. Robin Roberts took 5 points and possibly $40k out of that kid’s pocket. He should have put that car on the scale.

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