Jason Cantu Twin Turbo S10 at EMP!

Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings racer Jason Cantu headed to Edinburg Motorsports Park in Edinburg, Texas. Jason Cantu entered a small tire class where drama ensued. Jason Cantu drives a twin turbo s10 that was on a rail all night. Jason Cantu is no stranger to winning no preps as he has done well against some of the fastest in the nation. Cantu managed to get to the finals against Kyle Buckmaster from Bucknasty Performance. Buckmaster drives a nitrous assisted mustang that was doing extremely well all night as well. The stage was set for a great final race against the two fastest on the property that night. But after the race ended everyone on the line thought Buckmaster won as he got to the finish line first and was called the winner. After reviewing many videos the call was over turned as the mustang’s tire cracked. A little bit of drama and a lot of good racing in the video so check it out. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Jason has always a cry 😭😭😭 baby . Home boy said my call my video last call. And then changes the rules cause one guy can't take loosing. Rerun the race

  2. Shifty if you ask me. Driver should not have any say in the decision made. Me as as a driver Hey I think so and so jumped . Flagger we reviewed it and it was clean. Period. But this is another reason I like the tree.

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