It Happened Again

I show what’s coming up.


  1. lol! Been there done that. A fib sucks . The thing I hate is never know when. Go mouth’s and pow !! Yeah I know what you are saying. Doctors suck to. No answer. No fix.

  2. Well, our medical in canada is paid for by our taxes. That might seem amazing! It is a gain in some respects. But the other side is that 12 hr wait times are the norm. Last time I had to go to emerg. I waited two days to get seen by a doctor. I orderd in food 4 times. Because if you leave to eat. You start at the begining. 3 years to get a torn knee fixed and 2 years so far still waiting to have a possible expanded aorta examined. So free is better than nothing at all. But the bigger picture is why is north americas medical so poorly executed and why is nothing done to fix it?
    Get your afib fixed. Stop swimming. Clearly your body is telling you something.

    Cheers! Take it easy

  3. Man, I believe that I would stop swimming, at least for now until you get the afib under control. Love the videos sir and take care of you first.

  4. I got a crazy idea. You go to swimming lessons you get A-fib, you go to swimming lessons you get A-fib, you go to swimming lessons you get A-fib. Are you in some serious danger of drowning we don't know about? You port heads and intakes in your garage. You don't work on a Tuna boat in the middle of the ocean.

    Maybe quit doing the thing that gives you A-fib. Just a thought.

  5. With tachycardia what ya need is bigger valves and strengthened aorta with expanded lungs and that will knock many tenths off your lap times.

  6. You need to take care too. Arguing about flow numbers is fun and all, but health is more important. If the lifestyle is deadly, it needs some modification before it gets you.

  7. Eric, I love your videos and advice you provide. On a personal level, take care and look after yourself mate. Maybe stay out of the pool buddy.
    Sending my best to you all the way from Australia 🇦🇺 👍🏻

  8. I would be scared to hear the truth on my port work from you lol. I feel like I am OKAY head porter but not the best by any means. I Wish I had a head icould do just t send you for fun to see what it does on a Flow bench. The only one I currently have is my 4.3 Chevy S-10 head but you said you cant flow it unfortunatly. As for the medical System, I hate our medical system I belive any one who pays taxes should have free health Care and Dental. We have highest Funding militery in the world, 2nd should be highest funding medical system, there is plenty of money for funding that in the USA, they should be able to provide free helthcare no fees what so ever to any working or tax paying legal American.

  9. Hey brother I have a history with svt Pac pvc Had a few ablations Last one worked Make sure you vet your electrophysiologist and get an ablation . If you need help hit me up brother

  10. Good luck with your heart. I'm 34 and had open heart surgery a few months ago due to a congenital abnormality, now I'm spending some time traveling.

  11. AFIB is super dangerous. Best wishes but that needs addressed as best can be. Ablazion ( spelling ) maybe an option. Scary as you’re killing a small portion of the heart muscle that causes it.

  12. I kinda enjoy going to the DR twice and being told by a nurse that I cannot see him…. And they bill me 150 each time to tell me that I can not see the Dr.

  13. Thats right! Health first! How are we going to learn anything if you vapor lock? Lol
    Seriously, health is your true wealth!
    Take care…

  14. Hey Eric…Have two close friends with Cardiac issues since they were Vaccinated…I know you said you were on one of your videos….Did you have this problem before .? My buddies Pace maker began to shock his heart repeatedly after his booster…it had never gone off Pryor to his Vaccination…hope you get this resolved…👍

  15. Eric you need to take care of your health. I went for appro10 mnths with that stuff on and off. The last time they shocked me it didn’t help so they were going to do an ablation. Before that could happen I had another major heart attack and open heart surgery again. So you wanna stay on top of it.

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