Is Ryan Martin TOO FAST – No Prep News Episode 141

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  1. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be that consistent and fast you have to have both and if you miss just one you lose

  2. He's not any faster than any of the other dudes on any given day. But he's consistently fast, on different surfaces and situations. That's why he's on top.

  3. I truly believe Swanstrom can beat him if he gets some luck going his way. He's certainly fast enough and starting to figure that blower out. Kye is right there on the edge of figuring it out also. I'd love to see atleast one of these guys be able to do it. Put some more excitement into the racing. Ryan is a great stand up dude and deserves everything he gets but it'd just be nice for a change of pace!

  4. Don't keep up with it as much as you! TY for sharing. It'd be hilarious if Justin signed up for locals only at Tulsa under an alias. Hims likes to small tire race. Hims is local. Just a thought peeps don't run with! You and I know that'd pack da house. And if I could post a meme it'd be tattoo face off 50 first dates and it'd be him takin out the trash and saying just kidding I'm smarter than that. LMAO. 🤔 My bad Jackie. Hers like to small tire race. Hers is local. 😁

  5. Ryan Martin gonna run away with the champion like the last two years.I think the Odom blue gtr,is faster then swantrom if he started the year earlier at the beginning I believe he would be up their in points at the top with the others..Ryan Martin has figured that shit out and he has a fastest car winning 5 or 6 races this year already and more after the break ..

  6. NO! Ryan just has the team that puts in work to make that car fast and go straight as an arrow more than the other racers!

    Dude goes straight almost every pass. They have it all figured out. He was fast with Turbos and now he is fast with a procharger.

  7. What a stupid statement. Ryan Martin and his team are just to good, and the other clowns are just useless. I reckon the other teams and 405 step up there game or FCK OFF and do something they're good at

  8. I Have The Greatest Admiration For Justin Swanstrom, I Am One Of His Greatest Fans! However, Having Said That, Ryan Martin Has Something Which Justin Swanstrom Does Not Have. No, It's Not Money, or An Unlimited Supply There Of, And It Wil Take Justin A Good Long While To Get It, It Is Constancy! That Did Not Come To Ryan Martin Over-Night. Him And His Team Worked Their Buts Off For Many Years To Get Their Operation Mistake Free And To Where It Is Today. There Is No Mistake, As Far As I'm Concerned, That Ryan Martin Is The Best #NPK Racer In The USA, And I Certainly Hope It Stays That Way! (Love Your Chat Show, Mate! From South Africa!)

  9. I have been told Ryan is using a prototype larger pro charger that has not been released to the public yet. What's up with that?

  10. The great 8 wasn't in Florida like the team attack in Hebron last year I'm assuming Florida then the first great 8 after Ryan went out in the first round in Minnesota Scot taylor I believe he won 3 in a row leading into Minnesota

  11. In the words of Big Chief, Ryan is good at optimizing his combo.
    In my opinion which doesn't mean much to anybody but me, Ryan is just way ahead of everybody else

  12. What u don't realize it too 2 season to get the rules to his favor and banning Larson truck dude…wish u could get ur head out of the 405 guys asses they ain't that fast hell Ryan ran away from team KTR

  13. Break will be an interesting reset….but don't give season to Ryan JUST yet…remember there are some no so good air races coming & the new rules will clearly give the Nitrous cars an advantage.

  14. Team MUSI/Kye/Etc is the money Ryan is a start up and grew into it. Face the facts. So in the mean time Tell me how 6.0 /200 Mph Bob Glidden or Warren Johnson make power without boost. PLEASE. That is the shit, get it done Sim.

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