I quit my $130,000 job to do Youtube full time!

In this video I show how I was able to quit my job to do Youtube videos full time. This is a huge step for me and we are excited to be able to spend time together as a family and be able to make more videos for you to watch. Big thank you to everyone who has been watching our videos. Thank you soo much!

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  1. Just my opinion, but I appreciate how "genuine" this channel. Too often I've encountered so-called family channels that I can't help but feel sympathy for the kids because I sense they are being exploited.

    I imagine minus the cameras and YouTube, your family would behave and get along the same exact way 👍 I imagine it would be the same family interactions, adventures, and exciting trips to go look at cars and pickup new project vehicles.

    Congratulations on the new career path and having such an amazing family to share it with. And thank you for taking us, the viewers, along. 😁

  2. Congratulations Brother!! I absolutely enjoy watching you and your beautiful family. Praying for you guys on your new endeavor. Take care Buddy!!

  3. Glad for you buddy! I did the same thing. I left a 225K a year job that I enjoyed. I started doing radio rehab for collector cars. I am busy as heck and I love it.

  4. I stumbled on this channel just looking around YouTube and the thing that hooked me you and your family being so real now every new video you put out I watch thank you so much a new chapter in your life will definitely be keeping you in prayer

  5. I can easily imagine how scary it has been feeling, but I have faith that you all will get your feet under you for full-time YouTubing and do very well at it! 🙂 I am SO very happy for you and sincerely wish you all the best with all of my heart! 🙂

  6. Love your channel and all the family involvement! Congratulations on the next step. Kinda hard to tell where Rocky stands on the whole thing though. There is one thing I've always wondered about…have you ever thought about pouring a concrete ramp up to your garage bay, or do you just like using the random boards? 🙂

  7. a serious decision, I like your videos about old cars, good luck with YouTube. I will be happy to watch new content about old cars and their transformation) hello to your family and Rocky!))

  8. Hey Josh, wanted to comment on the video with the Casing Killer 9000, but can't remember which one it is. My wife just got me a Casing Killer 9000 for fathers day. I've already used it, but couldn't get my trailer tire back on the bead. So, I had to order a Cheetah bead blaster. What lube do you use? I used Dawn for mine, but just ordered some proper lube so my hands dont get all soapy.

  9. I'll continue to watch,,,,,I'm the guy that said you look a lot like my son,,,,,,I to was a body man for many years,,,,I would go to work at the Chevy dealership,,,,,then go to my shop and work until 2am then be at work at the dealership at 730…..it just wore my a double s out….in 2010 had a stroke and had to guite it all it will make a old man out of you really quick at 68 glad I don't have to work in the heat wish I knew about utube back then….p.s. this is my wife phone mine is messed up…

  10. Well Sleeper I’m so happy for you and your family on your new adventure.Truly God Bless and Cheers and as they say, nothing ventured nothing gained. Cheers Steve.🍺🍺🍺

  11. All the best on your new endeavour, but we must give the goat the best comment on the video
    " it said " if this does not work I will end up in the oven "" 🤣🤣🤣

    You have to do the best for you and your family and you don't want to miss out on your kids once they grow up that time does not come back

  12. Y'all come to lovelaceville ky I'll take y'all to my uncle old junkyard of old cars n trucks he been doing for 40 yrs well put y'all up

  13. Don’t sweat it man. Surely you prayed over this decision before you committed to it. You know you still have the skills to earn a living outside the internet if you need to!

  14. Congrats! I'm happy for you. My first thought was "man the channel is going to be even better than it already is". Cheers buddy, can't wait for what the future awaits.

  15. Man that's great 👍🏻 I have tried to even make videos and just don't get the time to even get started. It gets harder every year. Plus no shop to work out of is really tuff but I'm not quitting I'll get there @ some point 👍🏻 congratulations!!

  16. Josh you won’t regret it! I’m speaking from personal experience. I quit my job at UPS a little over three years ago. I worked there for 23 years and it has been amazing! I’m self employed now and have absolutely ZERO STRESS! I love what I do for a living and it has been nothing but positive! You will look back on this as one of the best choices you have ever made. If you love what you do you will never work a day the rest of your life! There is more truth in that statement than you’ll believe! Congrats on your new job! Life is too short enjoy it. We work to earn a living we don’t live to work! Enjoy your time with your family you deserve it!

  17. You can buy some Copart cars and rebuild them, Like Nikko Brothers (other youtuber) and after all fixed and sell them

  18. Such an inspiration! Good for you and congratulations! You and your family are such hard workers and make amazing content. Looking forward to your car reality t.v. show to grow and prosper!

  19. I really hope your initiative pays off and it will—you've proven that week after week you DO have the time, talent and the tools to do the job and make decent money at it. It's terrific that your family is behind you.

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