I bought a V8 MANUAL JDM CAR that shouldn't exist…

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On this episode of the the Drift Games vlog Dave buys a rare converted JDM car that shouldn’t really exist. This VIP-style JDM machine is pretty special right?!

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  1. This guy must be slanging dope behind the scenes jk he just got the datsun v8 swapped which must have been a pretty penny now this big boat that looks sick as hell an are boy who's shop that is has all these nice cars but his shop door was a heap of shit making noise in the wind constantly you know what I like about you guys from across the pond you always do good wheels we have guys like jimmy Oakes who will get a fd an put it on rpf1 an say for now

  2. Greetings from Southwest Texas 🇺🇸 Looking forward to seeing how the track is going to be set up for Top tear driver's with all different types of drifting disciplines and the way they battle with happy bumping of body panels. This event will go down in Drift History 🍺🍺🍺🍺

  3. Can you see if that obd scanner works on the Is200? Generally they don't because Toyota was trying to do their own thing and it runs a weird protocol that most scanners generally don't have

  4. Thanks again for the visit,, was cool to meet up again,, 10 points for anyone who spots the rare EV,, we didn't even get into that,, so much stuff to see🤣🤣

  5. So happy to see the IS and GS chassis getting some screen time. Can’t wait too see what comes out of either of those cars!

    M3 manual conversion is weird for someone who lives in the USA, more like t56,r154,w55 for a quick manual swap here. Super cool anyways!

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