I am giving away my foxbody mustang to a subscriber!!!

hey guys, I had to re-upload as something funky happened to the format. here is the official giveaway video for my 1989 mustang gt foxbody. all you have to do to enter is be subscribed. Once we hit 100k I am drawing a winner, so share this with every car person you know! Best of luck and may the odds be forever in your favor.


  1. Yoooo you guys are killing it!!!! Please share, share and share. Quicker we get there quicker we can see who win and honestly I just wanna see thier face once they know! Good luck everyone!

  2. OMG this is my dream car!!! My first car was a 90 baby blue 4 cyl. It was a big let down lol Plus I’m in TN!!! I will buy this car from you!!!!!!!

  3. Cutting up 100,000 names will be a hell of a task, just import the names in a word document, number them by line, and use a random number generator from 1-100,000 to choose the winner. That's what I use on my streams! Good luck on your road to 100k! Let's get it done!

  4. looks like the one I could never afford to fix up as a youth ultimately ended up having to sell to help family, would be sweet if I was lucky enough to win this!!!

  5. It's been my dream to take a trip to Tennessee, and the fox body is one of me and my mom who has cancers dream project cars. Super hopeful I can win this.

  6. I just found this on tiktok. Bubba this is literally my dream car. Might sound crazy to some but I love them. Fingers crossed I win. Will drive this bad Larry back home to Tucson Arizona

  7. Hey I'd would like to pull myself from this give away. Because of the shooting in TX and the money that I'd have will be gonna to go to them down in TX thank you for the understanding 🙏

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