How to Prepare for a Dyno Session – Don't Waste Your Money #racecar #horsepower #dyno

In today’s video we give 5 tips and tricks to being successful at the dyno, as we finish preparing our Twin Turbo Vortec 4200 Ameri-Barra powered 1974 Datsun 260z to make some power!

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  1. Such a great video! Very useful information that would also be helpful going to the track! I am also hoping that we get to see a dyno session breakdown of all of this in action! Some folk need to hear the same thing over and over before seeing it again and again to not forget.

  2. Always great videos guys!….how about a "Our tips n tricks when we tune a car with …." I've been preaching your straight 6 sermons to everyone… cant wait to see it flying down the track!

  3. Don't procrastinate. You won't finish that weld later, do it now. That loose wire is a problem, fix it. My natural working process involves a lot of winging it and not much planning, this doesn't work when you're paying someone else for their time to finish your stuff.

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