How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by a Mechanic

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by a Mechanic

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  1. I did this once for the engine. I guess the mechanic know if so he took other things that were not marked. My 4 stock suspensions were replaced with older ones and i have no proof it. Only proof is myself feeling that they are old suspensions.

  2. I've got a great mechanic. He took over his father's shop and is teaching his son to be excellent. They made a mistake once and not only did they fix it for free but rebated the previous repair. If I ask for something and don't need it, he will tell me. I'm glad there in business

  3. I would advise anyone buys your own genuine part and then get a good mechanic to fix it…don't trust them they will always buy the cheapest…

  4. My old boss did that with her air filter lol so they came in saying it needed to be changed and when she looked at it she called their bluff since she put nail polish on her original one

  5. I got ripped off two weeks ago. I ask the old parts and they cant even show it to me.. and they told me they replace OEM parts which is not true.. MVR auto

  6. Mechanic shops all over the place are getting shadier and shadier really sucks too cuz I don't like working on my own car

  7. My (ex) mechanic was changing my oil and not installing a new filter…and charging me for it. Mark your oil filter if you're having someone else do it.

  8. I’ve quietly walked back into the garage when mechanics are working on my car, especially the places that say I can’t. I caught a couple of dishonest folks that way and saved myself significant money. Also, I found the honest mechanics were glad to have me looking under the hood.

  9. Scotty I have a 05Toyota just like that car and my AC isn’t working you have any ideas other than the pressure valve I replaced that/ checked fuses

  10. I marked my daughters oil filter with marker . When I checked they put big marker number on oil filter but it looked as if they just use brake clean on filter and put number on it Iam scratching this one they will have to paint it to not change it so much for dealership so called free oil changes

  11. Or don't go to a shady business.

    I work as a mechanic, me and all the other techs all put in and replace any said part when accepted by the customer.

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