Hobbs & Shaw ‘35 Ford Trophy Truck Throws Down

Dennis from Vehicle Effects brought over the Hobbs & Shaw Off-road Trophy Truck so sit back and enjoy the ride..

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  1. Bitchin badass 😎 build, and the sound gives me goosebumps lol to the young man. Keep these car videos coming Shawn. You do a hell of a job with your team. TCB

  2. This is like the idea from the rat rod gmc you had on your channel. And the Tim o dells 1946 diamond t rat rod trophy truck that's was on Larry chens channel man putting rat rod into a trophy truck badass combo I like to see a twin turbo rat rod trophy now.

  3. dude i got a rc truck kinda like that, your truck fucking rules man HELL YEAH….!!!!!!!!!!!I drive that to workman, good daily driver totally rocking a mad max rig always…

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