Has NPK Taken Over Street Outlaws – No Prep News Episode 137

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  1. Dont care for NPK, I love out of town racing wether its others coming to OKC or them going to other places, i dont care for small tire,
    but I will watch it if no big tire, I’m a Big chief /Crow fan and always will be , ever since Pinks he seemed to just have that element that a top guy /Star should have to be that guy

  2. NPK is great for the casual spectator and fans of the show. I talked to a lot of people at Epping and they had no clue what was going on. No doubt Street Outlaws franchise makes a ton of money on tickets and merchandise sales. I enjoy going once a year and seeing the new cars in person.

  3. Hey sim I think npk has taken over the street stuff is almost irrelevant the street stuff just drags on forever npk is a quick turnaround ALis the same deal know they're putting all there eggs in the small tire basket hopefully they won't ruin that like the og 405 show at the end of the day it's all about the Benjamin's as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  4. American Outlaws Live (which was showcased on the OG 405 show – season 8, ep. 6), highlighted the rising craziness of No-Prep! This was the race for $75,000 where Chief brought the Crowmod.
    If you watch that episode it doesn’t look like there were that many people at Texas Motorplex – … but … oh what it’s become!
    The NPK is good for the fans, yes, where they tour the country and fans can get right next to the drivers, etc.. Sure I’d go to one to experience it – if the timing is right.
    … BUT …
    It is the majority of the programming for “ ‘Street’ Outlaws “, and Discovery is milking it for everything it’s worth.
    I’m not into NPK for viewing – meaning I’d rather watch (on tv), what they do in the streets than on the track. They should name it just “No Prep Kings” and take the Street Outlaws out of it!
    God Bless

  5. Sim: does Discovery make money at the gate from the track at the NPK races? I’d like to know more about that. I can’t see how, the profit margins are slim and must go to the track to pay their expenses. I don’t see Discovery getting a double dip here. I believe Discovery makes nothing at the day of the event and gets their payout once the episodes air and stream on TV and on their app.

    It might just be that Discovery thinks that some of this has run it’s course (they are wrong) and / or it’s been overextended into too many shows and needs to be paired down a bit. Or maybe they believe the future is in NPK and one or two street shows. I don’t profess to have any answers, just throwing out more possibilities. I just don’t think the reason they are into NPK is because they get two payouts. I don’t think they do, if anything now YouTube is hurting the long NPK schedule because now we see the highlights and results after every event and once the shows air months later, we already know the outcomes.

    Discovery would be better off nurturing the 4o5 show, letting the drivers do what they want to deliver the best product to the fans as possible and let NPK grow too, which it will.

  6. Yes and no. NPK takes up 7 months of the prime season, the others shows have just gotten boring. The NPK guys will have less and less time for the other shows because its not easy keeping up with a full on racing program. Off season is basically eaten up prepping everything for the next year, going thru the car, upgrading equipment, taking some vacation time, etc. The street racing shows have just gotten boring, no real good racing and they focus more on the drama. Americas List this season is better in the number of races per night, but the drama is just a turn off. I find myself fast forwarding thru all the BS and jsut watching the races. I can watch in episode in 30minutes or less.

    I dont think it will be long before the street shows go away, or maybe a big show like Americas list, but the rest will be gone. I think its really run its course.

    The 405 going small tire sounds cool and will have to wait and see but if it ends up being high dollar chassis cars or expensive builds it will lose its lust pretty quick. Want to make it worth watching? Put a spending cap of $15k per car and let it run. Then let Joe Schmoe race his way in.

  7. The only reason I watch NPK is there is nothing else on TV. If I could only watch one show I would prefer the original 405 show with out of town racing.

  8. I believe NPK is going to run into some competition with promoters putting on big tire big money events that will attract racers away from some of the NPK at times

  9. There appears to be a LGBTQ skeleton, ripping through Betsy’s roof, openly displaying its limp wristed overly effeminate grip on the microphone/shifter?…LoL. xD

  10. NPK is the only thing worth watching…until they get rid of jj the crash and his dumbass rules…he ruined the rest of the shows.

  11. chief left for a reason shows a shit show check out midwest street cars youtube channel if your real about street

  12. I think that pilgrim should buy a property with a street on it or one they can make a street and put bleachers on it to make a close set that is street and the fans would get the street and I bet they make way more money and you will see all the real street racer’s and it won’t look so out of reach of the normal man/woman just saying street outlaws would be back bigger and way better then NPK that has turn very boring like NRHA there number’s will fall because it’s at a track a real street racer’s will not go because they don’t have 4000hp and all the same car’s they have all kinds of cars with 1000hp to 3000+hp and anyone can win you never no and that’s why street racing is bigger then ruled track racing how you say outlaw NPK when you have rules just saying

  13. The last Americas List Show whit Shawn as Racemaster Was the best Show ever shawn was the best Racemaster of All Time and Asome tuner and racer i miss this

  14. What few don't realize is that it's NOT a TRUE No Prep; which was the premise of NPK. Look at Yello Belly if you want to visually understand what a No-Prep track is. They are on NHRA sanctioned tracks.
    The ONLY thing I ever liked was the fact that fans had more of a direct access to see their favorite drivers, (buy some merchandise, get a picture or 2, then get to see them physically race).
    It is NOT No-Prep!! It's more along the lines of the Junior leagues for NHRA but these racers are way more of celebrities & get the recognition.

  15. Im sorry but NPK is not street outlaws. Should be called track outlaws because there is nothin street about it! I still watch an like it. But is what it is

  16. I hate to say but America's list is when Street outlaws jumped the shark. Nobody wants to watch chase is a race on a list with 25 cars. The only chance it has to make a comeback is with Chief and I don't think that will happen

  17. Anything is better than chase is a race. At least NPK is heads up racing. I liked the original 405 show but that doesn't exist anymore. At least NPK is good racing.

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