Gap Train vs Bumper Wilson in the Finals at Muncie Dragway

The MAK Crew takes on front side no prep.


  1. I was so glad I showed up that night! It was awesome watching you all! I was wondering what went wrong with the Gap train in the finals now I no. Thanks for posting and hopefully the weather will cooperate with next Friday at Muncie!

  2. Been wondering where Nicky B has been, as well as Uncle Sam? Good night of racing guys, you're killing it🤘😎🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻

  3. You all might check out an ole fella named Matt Ford that guy was amazing he had the 60' record if I remember right 15 years ago probably still does.

  4. Seems like MOO's front suspension is still a outa wack from the rewind. But more disturbing is where is the rest of the car?

  5. I'm still confused as to how no one can see that the front tires on the Maverick are literally pointed in. Seen that in the last video of that car too. How is that not being spotted? And you wonder why it drives all fkd up. Right to left and left to right.

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