FIRST LOOK New Jayco Motorhomes & 2023 Overview!!

Following up our preview footage of Jayco RV’s towable lineup here’s a collection of things I was able to see among their motorized division! Some REALLY interesting things here including that Seneca XT on the Ford F600 chassis & that new pop-top Swift B Van option!

I know I haven’t been able to get as much coverage on motorhomes lately but hopefully I can continue to capture more of them over the coming months and season!

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00:00 2023 Jayco Motorhome Preview
00:41 NEW! Seneca XT
01:57 Terrain Class B 4×4
02:34 Swift Class B w/New Pop Top
03:19 Melbourne Prestige 24NP Class C
04:07 Melbourne Prestige 24RP Class C
04:49 Redhawk 26M Class C
05:38 Greyhawk 27U Class C
06:27 Alante 29F Class A Gas
07:20 Precept Prestige 36H Class A Gas
08:12 Embark 39T2 Class A Diesel Pusher
09:28 Seneca 37M Diesel Super C
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  1. I would really like to see more content on the Class B overland-style vans like the Terrain 4×4. They're kinda a guilty pleasure of mine & would love to get one to do some solo camping eventually 👍

  2. I think I need a cigarette,,,, it was awesome seeing all of the Jayco Motorhomes. those were some of the best class B's I've seen. The Embark was so impressive I'm almost scared to see the price. I really appreciate this collection….. You knocked it out of the Park.

    P.S. I saw you walk past a Jayco Seismic in one of your other videos. I had never heard of that line, I'd love to see more of it up close and personal. Keep up the Awesome work Josh, two thumbs up.

  3. If RV manufacturers do not have a 12-volt compressor option then I do not give them a second look. This is also where Thor failed on their Gemini and Axis models.

  4. I realize this is only one manufacturer, but I'm definitely intrested in smaller class C or B+ drivables that could tow a seperate vehicle.
    Ooh a brain fluff just attacked! An Ember mounted on a Ford chassis. I'd be happier than hog in a mud pit.

  5. The world is moving all electric so 12V fridge is the way to go for me. The Seneca XT looks amazing and I don’t want to know much it costs. Those things tend to be very expensive. Speaking of expensive – Terrain looks fresh, great graphics. I’d love to see a bigger variety of floor plans on these rugged Class B’s. No one has done a dry bath yet, personally I’d give up some living space for a comfortable bathroom.

  6. A while back a different show had the Terrain and its twin the Revel on back to back. The Revel had a higher level of trim in the Sprinter chassis and a lower msrp. Could have been the options on the Terrain but it looks like it gives you less for more. I looked it up, the Terrain has a "Customer Value Package (Mandatory)" that adds 20k to the msrp. A mandatory option that adds 20k to the price? What a joke.

  7. Main problem with jayco e450 most ford dealers will not service or work on them. Almost impossible to find a place to get recalls done . Ford chassis but ford won’t fix !!!

  8. I have an Everchill 12v 10.7 and love it!! Very good large refrigerator. 12v all the way!! I want one in my class c when I buy it but most units have the small combo that fortunately. You don’t need propane unless you are boondocking without solar or generator. These 12v don’t use much power and I don’t have to worry about the fire danger associated with propane refrigerators which I think is the #1 cause of rv fires

  9. Just looking into the future 👀

    What brand of motorhome would be an equivalent to like a Rockwood when it comes to quality and such (particularly the diesel super c's)?

    I know towable and motorhomes aren't really comparable but I am just clueless when it comes to motorhomes. I reallly do like the Jayco's!


  10. Oh man I love that redhawk 26m. I know the mercedes is in theory a much nicer more premium chassis but I would take the 14500 pound ford chassis over it any day. You are just so close to the weight limit on class c's built on the sprinter chassis it really makes me uncomfortable. And as someone who mainly watches tv in bed to wind down at the end of the day I love the 50 inch tv at the foot of the bed. As for the 12 volt fridges yes absolutely put them in the motorhomes. They work even better in motorhomes imo because you have the onboard generator instead of just being reliant on solar or park power.

  11. I think having the option of a 12 volt refrigerator (3 way) in there rigs is a great idea but Jayco/Entegra needs to get with the future of camping with updated solar Package options for those that want to remove themselves from having to stay at rv parks for electricity and would much rather boondock and to be able to run these 12 volt fridges , ac units, and everything else. The one 190 watt panel just doesn't cut it.

  12. When it comes to class C trucks, I wish Ford would step up and do some more improvements to their interiors, granted they better now, but there much more to be done.

  13. The new solar packages are very nice. They are on par with Keystone. It is great to see the major manufacturers taking solar options seriously..

  14. Nice preview. Money no object, I am fan of a Super C without out a split shower. Trust me, no one needs to see me taking a shower, no one.

    I am also a fan of how propane is giving way to induction cooktops. One less tank to fill.

  15. Josh, another great video as you said it would be. I would love to see a full review on the Senaca XT. I just need to be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. Thank you for all you do.

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