Farmtruck & Azn Local 8 in Tulsa, Oklahoma!!

In this video we have Street Outlaws Farmtruck & Azn throwing a small tire race named the local eight at Tulsa raceway park. The winner of the local eight meets a no prep king racer at the end for an extra five thousand to win. But, it will not be easy as the final challenge always comes with a catch. The no prep king racer is on big tires so the racers have to agree on the rules to make the race more fair to the small tire winner of the local eight. In this case it was a turbo mustang that was making solid passes all weekend. This allowed the driver to meet with none other than Scott Taylor. Scott Taylor is a top ten racer and is extremely hard to beat on big tires let alone on small tires. Check out the action in the video and see who comes out on top and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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