EMP Small Tire Crazy Backend Racing En Espanol!

In this video we have Buck Nasty Performance making a trip down to the border of Texas and Mexico to do some small tire no prep racing at Edinburg motorsports park. Bucknasty performance normally has driven the luv from street outlaws shows and races but has come back with a nitrous assisted mustang. Bucknasty brought out the car to the houston no prep kings and had an accident. This didn’t stop him from rebuilding the car and making some big moves going even faster than before. The hard work paided off as bucknasty was able to get to the finals fo the small tire no prep event . But before he got there he had to race some really fast cars with two nitrous assisted novas that brought their a game to the race. Check out the action in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our ssocial medias at:


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