DOUBLE POINTS IN NPK – No Prep News Episode 145

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  1. Hey sim great stuff dude do you know if them double points apply to the great 8 as well or just the main race .I think if they're given away all these points it's going to be a game changer if Ryan loses a couple of races. But I really looking forward to seeing all these guys breaking out with there new npk cars and hopefully Justin can keep his car running strong and gets back to winning as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  2. It goes like this. It was in Ryan’s video
    Last 3 races. the 2 races before the last race is double points and the last race is triple points

  3. Sim you must be getting old since you're getting forgetful.
    Don't forget about tomorrow BBQ at your house D Scag is cooking !!!!!!!! NO HAMBURG HELPER 😂😅🤣😜😝🤪

  4. I don’t like the added points at all. A 15 race schedule is a grind, and the last 3 races shouldn’t be more valuable than the first part of the season. Ryan’s won 4 points events and 3 in a row at one point. Now, if that 3 race streak happened at the end, it would be the equivalent of winning 5 events. Don’t like it at all. Bad enough the rules committee keep trying to give the 3 nitrous cars bigger and bigger weight breaks , which is the only reason nitrous cars are still competitive in this type of racing. It gives Kye Lizzy and the Birds a big advantage bc they never have to change anything to stay competitive, while other drivers are trying new combos or, switching combos to stay at the top. Nitrous cars, mainly Kye and Lizzy can blow their stuff up when racing Ryan or anyone else in the finals bc they have 2 trailers with 4 or 5 spare Musi 959’s sitting there when they inevitably blow a motor. Point being, if you want to use nitrous as a power adder fine, but if you need massive weight breaks to compete, then go to a competitive combo period

  5. Hey Sim –
    Look at Daddy Dave's video from Brainerd he states at 12:15 in the video the last 2 races before the final week are double pts and the final week being triple pts

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