Dominator's New Small Tire Street Car 33 Dodge Hemi Street Outlaws No Prep Kings 2022 Endgame 405

Dominator’s new street car 33 Dodge 5 window Hemi Powered on Small Tires at NPK Tulsa 2022 no prep kings


  1. Dominator, that is one beautiful car. I like it cuz it's so different from everybody else's car. Everybody has their own taste, and I like them all the way they did them.

  2. Nice build dominator almost too nice to risk racing it but I suppose that’s wot it’s built for. all the best dom
    Go kick some ass take some names but have fun doing it brother 💪🏻👍🏻💯🇬🇧

  3. Don't like the lack of safety equipment no racing seat no harness and definitely no Hans device so he definitely isn't going to fast if he isn't worried about dieing in a nasty wreck beautiful car man very amazing work all it's missing is a blower and blower hat that is a mile high

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