"Destroyed" C5 Corvette Roll Cage Progress!! (Pretty Much Done!!)

Kevin and Drew dive in and get the majority of the C5 Corvette roll cage done!

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  1. Powder coating. Just for kicks pick up a spray can of VHT satin black brake caliper paint and spray some scrap tube. I love that stuff.

  2. I'm a little confused when you drilled the aluminum heads for bigger head bolts , you could see the corvette being worked on and near completion , now the last two videos its started over again and again , am i missing something ? – its still cool but strange

  3. holy crap those door bars are high! omg i could never get into that car. gonna slow down driver changes for sure. i think we put my UPPER bar where your LOWER bar is on my C6Z! about 16" above the floor if i recall and i wish it was 15". and its still well above all of my legs and hips for protection.

  4. Hey js I thought of how you could make the firewall the mid plate as well and as off that for the windshield. Also use it to support and structure between the frame rails . Just a thought or wondering if a bad idea.

  5. You put a lot of work into these cars and it shows , (and i'm not leaving out mulletman or the rest of your crew) Plus filming and editing . I get to see some cool cars and racing too Keep it up.

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