Debuting the NPK Shocker at Tulsa Great 8 w/ no testing time the hard truth, more trailer trouble

We ran in to more trailer trouble on the way to Tulsa causing us to be late and having to go right in to round 1 of the Great 8 with no more testing. The hard truth of debuting the NPK Shocker with very little testing time. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Videos will be coming at you regularly! Find me on social media also!
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  2. Just like the days gone by. Hard work paying off again. Win a few for the good guys. This is the yr I have that feeling ,it's Kye and Lizzy 1&2 followed up in the top 10 with the rest of NOLA. Respect from northern Ontario Canada

  3. Monumental amount of effort goes into this stuff. Crazy how much work goes into making a single straight pass. Good luck on the next on man!!

  4. Swan gang not only whooped you, we shut out your whole team including your girl and her daddy, and won the whole event!

    Now don’t get your panties in a bunch, I am a fan of yours too, but when you line up against my Florida boy, sorry bro, it’s swan gang time and I am definitely rooting for “a Florida man!”


    By the way, the new car is absolutely beautiful, love my 3rd gen’s!!!

  5. Not sure what you packed the bearings with grease but those are oil style hubs. Once together you poor gear oil into the top of the cap tell the oil lines up with the 1/4 full mark on the cap!!! It’s the same style that’s on a tractor trailer trailer

  6. Love the new billet look on your trailer sorry to hear about your axle problem but the trailer looks way better now good luck with the OG car and kick ass!

  7. dam trailer wear that shitzzzzz out like the spikes 2.0 looking bad ass wow got squirrrly off the line tightin him up machine gun kelly 556 rounds tear dem hogs up

  8. He okay they actually before they went to the to the three axle they actually tried building and running tandem like that just to ask oh man it was a mess and guys blow tires out and ripped the wheel wells out inside the trailer it was it was a mess I've seen so many trucks tore up yeah because of that and when I seen you have that trailer on it oh my God no yeah that's what I said to myself when I started before I started talking to you the other day I said oh hell no man no wonder you how kind of problem that company it's a good idea if you don't really haul a car dimensions and this that and the other you know what I'm saying but when you haul stuff like you do is whatever you going to have to to finish good deal you know yeah it's another block or whatever you got to do what you got to do it's just your parents are just not set up thank you hot and tires getting hot and you don't they just blow cuz it's just too distressed Tire yeah when I seen that on my oh my God well I guess your other one is probably you there Monday or something yeah I imagine so yeah you got to spread so you got you to go 40,000 on that prayer think about it and that's a lot of damn way bro and you can't you can't do nowhere near that so you can't even do 20 back there no you you can't you can't do 20 on that I don't understand how they keep doing it I don't I wouldn't buy that trailer for storage I really wouldn't I mean it's be a good storage trailer but yeah it's just I mean you may wind up got to hope not but you may wind up did you talk to him about trading it in they'll trade it then they will take it hell yeah that's a renegade right yeah yes I'm surprised he said yeah I'll take it and you don't don't give him time to change his mind if don't get it done quickly yeah very quickly Channel paint the trailer for you yeah Chad Rick hey Chad hey buddy Guy and his father-in-law are getting a couple new trailers this week this week you're getting a couple of brand new trailers yeah we're going to paint them kind of a charcoal gray color can't do it can't get it can't even begin to paint it until well we could we could call up there and get the paint code off that truck yeah we can call up there if you want to call RCI sleepers yeah a RCI sleepers hey this is John Ledford Senior can you get Kye Kelly and his father-in-law should be the same paint code yeah the paint code on all three colors that's on that truck it should be there three or just two colors it's free right that's what I thought yeah kind of a lighter than a darker okay yeah need to get all three colors and the gray is what you're going to want the most of and what kind of wants to do on his new trailer when I go into that after we get the code let's get the code yeah if you get kind of right here if you get the code for him yeah can I go ahead and get your paint code or Chad whatever and go ahead and get it Chad I guess you're going to need it on both trucks or trailers boat trailers then you get it already

  9. And you get a chance you got it all three of them all right now one thing before you run off Chad I'm not chat yes stay here tie you and your father-in-law one thing I want to ask you now that's a brand new trailer so you know the bottom rail is going to be it's going to be aluminum and so is the top rail you don't want to paint that no you want to or you don't want to you know I wouldn't either that's why I was going to say I suggest not to paint it yeah it can be taped off and and a little better as far as that goes there's time to get the Polish man over and have him make that look like Chrome serious about it and we get the sponge man over and they can polish every bit of that out to look like Chrome here hey Miami trailer Sean Ledford you got to you get you got the Polish guy over right for the rails High can we borrow him for a week two weeks and I'll fly him to Vegas I'll put him up in a motel yeah all right then whatever whatever you charge for him to polish the upper and lower rails yeah they're brand new trailers yeah all right yeah whatever he needs to materials put it on the plane yeah put it on the plane and he can bring everything with him and we'll ship everything back I'm flying both ways you don't have to pay for nothing yeah I'll put him on if you want I'll put him on my insurance that way he's covered okay yeah I'll have Teresa put him on my insurance yeah we're going to put him in a in the plant I'll put him inside that way he's out of the Sun and yeah yeah I'll put him inside yeah I might keep him 3 weeks you don't need him I'll tell you why I got some stuff he can polish yeah I've got a trailer I won't polish too so it's that black one Chad and one of the graphics on it and I want to paint that I want to polish it cuz you're painting that damn thing you're getting that shit off of it I can't take it no more yeah you get that shit off of it will will go there entirely different route and I'm going to send the truck to Miami yeah so so they can change the motor in it motor transmission all right yeah I need him to come to Las Vegas and put him on a plane yeah everything he's bringing and bring a whole pallet if he wants to yeah they'll load it right on and bring his his polisher everything it takes yep I say they're brand new trailer so all right yeah cuz I want to get everything repolished okay all right I want to thank you very much now I appreciate you for letting him tell me I'll pay whatever you know yeah when we we going I'll need him for 3 weeks so whatever you going to charge me just let me know I'll have Teresa pay you whatever okay all right thanks I appreciate it all right yeah send him out so let's say Tuesday okay I'll find out Monday they should be there Monday and John Force for them trailers doing Monday they're due there Monday I'll go ahead and send him money what the heck yeah if not he can start on my trailer yeah and he can stop on mine and go do these and then go back to my hair hi buddy thanks I appreciate it man sir I don't never know if I'm talking to you or your husband or your wife and I know me I know it all right well you know how to get a hold of me right on my phone number yeah all right yeah just put him on there going to Las Vegas Ledford field yeah electric field okay that's probably where I'll have him polishing it right there in a plain hair all right thank you have a good evening sorry to bother you so late all right bye all right all right we got that made now this guy's good yeah he's good he knows what he's doing he'll make it look like a mirror I'm dead serious he knows what he's doing the upper rail on the bottom rail all the way around here making it look like come back door everybody going to say wow who did your trailer and with Chad painting it and the sense sure that design down the side it's going to be best going to be badass man I'm just telling you guys going to have some badass trailers yeah well I'm doing mine but I'm doing I'm just I don't know what I'm going to do on it it's going to say hello but I don't know yeah you probably putting more showstopper on yours yeah you you hauling Lizzie's car in there too yeah let's see that now that's good because you got a trailer now big enough with heavy enough axles to cover both of them and you got three bags on each axle Axel so there be no no sagging yeah you hear me you mean good shape on that trailer

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