CRX Goes Lightweight + My DREAM ENGINE Arrives!

It’s funny how a cheap little Honda could become the project I’m most excited to wrench on!


  1. While as a fan I would love Adam to chuck the sr in the cream s13 he should go with the option he will enjoy most which is putting it in the green s15 as he will get to use his dream motor more as he was saying

  2. See I think you should do something different with that engine everything you own is basically the same not hating just hear me out ……supercharged sr20 drift build no spool no lag and depending on what style supercharger you go with ….it will be the most linier pie shaped power curve you have ever seen and sound insane 🤷just a thought (also easily make the power you are talking about and everything stays cooler no recycling exhaust gases in the engine bay

  3. He should do a quick video with the cream s13 I haven’t seen it in so long and I am pretty sure we would all like to see it one last time

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