1. If it’s a track car, you should increase the camber. About 3.0 front n 2.0 rear. Tire Roll over sucks. You’ll just be wearing out the outer part of the tires. You want full contact when cornering

  2. Beautiful visuals. This video makes me nostalgic af. I'm back into another EG coupe (I had one when I was 17) and man did I miss these cars. I love the simplicity and functionality of 90s Hondas. I'm in the process of piecing together my k swap, can't wait to finish it and drive her on the street.

  3. as a man who owns a crx it makes me very very happy to see all those ef's and crx's there. Perhaps next year I'll take that weekend off and drive there in the crx and join in.

  4. Hey Mark, great content! Working on my Prelude and looking forward to taking it out to these kind of meets. It has been an unusual build, has a tube chassis and another engine powering the rear wheels of the car. This used to be my daily driver back in college, and it's a completely different car now. Anyway, if you want, check it out on my channel, thought you might enjoy:)

  5. I was two cars in front of you. I just watched your b series trans synchro video and you gave me some serious knowledge from that video. I was the guy working on his black/grey 1g crx with the misfire.

  6. Super bummed I've never been to the dragon, I'm gonna make sure I do next year looks like a dream come true, love the dbfam hat πŸ€™

  7. Hey buddy , great to meet you today. Thanks for the gauge cluster that we’ll use in the Bert hatch build. It’s exactly what I wanted. We’ll have to collaborate on a future video.

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