Cheap Off Shore Speed Parts, "Over Night From China" – 1966 Budget Biscayne

With the big block Chevy secured between the rails of the Biscayne it was time to tie up all the loose ends. In today’s market there are a lot of discount, off shore speed parts. Let me tell you, I bought them all.

The center piece of this whole mess was a off brand air gap manifold. It fit perfect and had a bad @$$ look! The rest of the engine bay, exhaust and driveline has all been peppered with good knock-off parts.

Money well saved!

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  1. I'd put a exhaust hanger on the headers because they could start breaking up the welds. it's snow fun when that happens. I've had it happen to me

  2. Back in the seventies my one of my late uncles rebuilt a 327 to put in his 55 Chevrolet and my dad said after getting it in when he started the engine with nothing but manifolds he just held the throttle wide open . My dad said my Grandfather went to the window(they were in his back yard were they used a tree to pull and put it back in) he yelled and said shut damn thing off…….LOL

  3. Your the first person on YouTube I've heard say you don't like starting a motor for the first time without an exhaust because you can't hear if you may have a problem. I have the same thoughts about that as well. I never start a new motor or even a used motor without having the exhaust installed. You can have so many different issues and not know it causes the exhaust is so loud and even idles rough. Anyhow the biscayne is looking great Dan 👍

  4. I look forward to your videos. You're a good guy, good youtuber and come across as down to earth and real. Thanks for putting in the work to entertain us.

  5. Ok, After watching a few videos and see how you make what you prefer not to buy, I subbed.

    I bet you can fab up a manual pipe bender too? Anyone who can make a 4 door into a 2 door can, I think.

  6. Biscayne is looking great ,Dan. Can’t wait to see how wicked the new cam sounds. You made a lot of progress on this video as usual. Thanks for sharing, Buddy. Oh, yeah. We missed Dani. Is work interfering with her screen time?

  7. You get what you pay for & I hope they tested their products before shifting them to America sometimes bootleg products can work if they can test them properly even from China as well

  8. Solid roller. I will never go back to hydraulic lifters. not these days. So much better no break in oil . No 2000 rpm for 30 mins. I learned my lesson.

  9. Wow, that's incorrect bro but like you seem to think that what your doing Jerry rigging it is acceptable but whatever man I cannot watch regular folks that had zero training working on anything especially welding/soldering flex pipe together half assed

  10. A few years ago I was dropping a 427 in my Grandmother's 66 Chevelle. I found pre-bent 2.5 inch tailpipes on Ebay fairly cheap. I think around 250.00 for the set. I only had to trim the ends coming out the rear. Fit perfectly.

  11. Isn't that flex tube Stainless steel? If it is that would explain why it doesn't weld as good as mild steel to mild steel. But is still not that bad. And it won't rust out the way normal exhaust would.

  12. Did the same with a short piece of flex when I fired up my rebuilt 454 in my C10 , I always want mufflers on a new start to listen for noises while looking for leaks , i think the cross joint is Precision brand #369 if i remember right ? Keep the vids coming Dan

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