Car is BROKE, this sucks!

Exit goes the hood, and when we get back to the pits we find a HUGE problem. The last pass, there were lots of sparks under the car, CAN you guess what the issue is? This torque converter is gonna be super faster out the back for sure, but we for sure are gonna need to get the dump valves on the car to aid in spool up. This small tire no prep car showed some great mph on the radial prep surface, lol. Head on over to to grab some tee shirts, LOL.


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  1. There is a limited amount of bearing material on thrust bearings. Is there a way to incorporate a needle Bering? Don't change the starter, its a primitive thrust warning light. Good Idea breaking things all at once.

  2. Got to give john props no matter what happens he never loses his cool ,at least on film anyway,I would be cussing and throwing stuff ,I need to take a few lessons from john cause heโ€™s proof bad things can happen to you and u can still be ๐Ÿ‘ good job john

  3. Hey John, Iโ€™m repairing/upgrading my twin turbo sbc too, it tore up the thrust and crank etc too.
    What head gaskets/sealing setup you run on your mustang? Oring/receiver grooves and copper, fuel hoops, mls gaskets etc etc?
    Cheers, love the channel content

  4. That Guy in the Grey Truck at the 2:10 mark in the video needs a kick in the nuts, or something else {but you can't promote violence on youtube} I don't care if you are running late to get to the lanes, But doing that sort of speed in the pit area where there are Kids or even disabled people in wheelchairs etc are present is just not on. If I was there with My kids and he did that past my pit stall I would of gone over and had something to say to Him that is for sure. It is people that act like that is the reason a lot of the tracks are getting shut down or the price to enter a race meeting is getting more expensive. because of fools like that insurance etc goes up and if they Hit someone it is the excuse the city needs to shut the place down. Rant over. Anyway thanks for all the Great videos TJ. Cheers.

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