Building a TINY HOME in my CAR pt.3

Making good progress on the extendable cot and cabinet system!

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Birdy C
11700 Sarcee Trail
PO Box 80095 Beacon Hill PO
Calgary, AB T3R0B2


  1. Hell yes! Another xB video! What if you removed the hatch panel and turned it into a light/emergency storage compartment? Also, thoughts on an XB coilover giveaway 😅!? 🤟💀📦

  2. Sup mah boy! 8th this time, heck yess! Im loving your new project man, seeing the pics on insta and the videos before this one, you totally have a mini hotel in there!, happy to keep supporting you man, Keep up the great work! 😁🤙🏻

  3. Yo birdie, You are my favourite youtuber because you keep uploading. 👍you deserve to have 1 million viewer every video 🤤😘

  4. I think some merch bundles giveaways would be nice 😉
    1. bc free is nice
    2. plugging giveaways on instagram is great to bring eyes to the brand and more subs

  5. Birdy so sorry that i missed your last video I've been preparing myself mentally for my surgery to remove my cancer cells. While I'm in the hospital I'm hoping to get caught up on your YouTube videos

  6. Your already part of our daily things to look forward to. Something oddly satisfying watching your projects and keeping it raw instead of retaking shots to look perfect. Your successful because your real and we love that you show your just as normal as the rest of us! Good vibes bro

  7. You may what to consider adding some angled support beams (the ones that look like little triangles) on the either side of the extension legs for added rigidity.

  8. i reminded of the give away and lost arrghhhhh that suck tearssssssss. just kept seeing mines get passed as it slides up and down tearsss. xb remake coming along great tho tearssssss

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