Building A Car For The Street Outlaws List


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  1. Thats actually Chiefs Cousin in that picture. He's inviting him for a shot at the list bro. Wonder what he's going to be driving. Heard it's all wood & not much steel.

  2. Sim how old are you? Are you in college or high school? Stupid question probably but when Chief commented about you being in high school that confused me and made me realize I don't know if he was just joking or actually right.

  3. U just need to get your car tuned 100% perfect and get all the power u can with what u got and then maybe a nos system lol i got a 150 shot putting it on my nova hey why not sim

  4. As a guy that built raced cars from 13 to 30 it's a money pit and donit for l ok very cause to make a life out of it is next to impossible it's fun hobby ut I never went fast enough for about

  5. Get yourself an early 70s Pontiac Ventura its a Nova but in my opinion the Pontiac version looks better. GTO style grill slotted tail lights. And way cheaper than a nova.

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