Building a BUDGET Shop Truck in 2 weeks!!! 600hp Turbo LS!!


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  1. Hey guy the glasses aren't polarized? I would have paid more I just figured you being goochi they'd be polarized but I was outta clean socks…I gotta punch the wife but anyway I had a new pair in the mailbox so I grabbed my bud light and walked out to the mailbox b4 I took a shower

  2. THE NEW GIVEAWAY CAR SHOP TRUCK lol I had to do it ik ur gonna give it away ik u like giving it back to the community but keep it for your self it’s a great truck

  3. That last bit was entertaining right there. Salty John saying he's gunna do everything he he despises that others do. Well almost, no one can weld cast, lol.

  4. Slap some headers on it… Put a Lamb Cam in it… And Please oh PLEASE let it be the next giveaway!!!
    I will buy ALL the T-shirts! Lol!

    This build is way better than the, “Stranger Ranger”!

  5. I recommend checking out a channel called metigulous,,,he's an OG boosted boy,,,knows his shit man,,,been welding titanium for a few years now, you'll see,,do some research…🖖

  6. Definitely need a wastegate somewhere or your asking for problems and you know that and probably put that in the video too troll everyone 😂 but I enter the giveaway finally back from vacation didn’t wanna order stuff and the it be outside for weeks and get damaged or wind storm come plus my mail man already hates me being he held mail for 6 weeks so ya know! But gotta give it too you I order yesterday and got a txt this morning saying it’s already shipped so hell yea you’re team has it’s crap together!

  7. If eventually you end up having to change out the turbo I think you should put a @BoostedBoiz turbo on the Colorado shop truck because from what I have seen they not only hold up pretty good but you can also make pretty decent horsepower with them and you should put a Black Sheep Industries wastegate and if they have a blow off valve put one of theirs on it too and use all of your other peoples parts so you can not only support the people that support you your also supporting other Youtuber's as well and I think you should try out a Black Sheep Industries wastegate and BOV on the Black Sheep that or Turbo Smart's new straight gate I've heard some good things about them but not so much of the first electronic wastegate they came out with I've seen a few of them do whatever it wanted to do and basically get stuck wide open and sent 80psi of boost through a stock block 4cyl and split the block completely in half when it was only supposed to be set on 40psi so it sent double the amount of boost through the engine

  8. Bro not talking shit but if u only run 1 waist gate on one side leaving the other feeding full pressure all the time then why run both sides to it? Would the second side make a difference in low power range?

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