Breaking Rules, Disqualifying Drivers, and The Next NPK Champion – No Prep News Episode 102

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  1. From my understanding the stunt double is the current replacement for the street beast, before npk was announced he was getting the car ready for the street and was very close but once npk was announced he swapped the 728 for the 959 to be competitive in npk

  2. she tested the new car not her race car at that time! her dad owned car before Lizzy got car to race it she told her dad it better then the race car i using!

  3. Sounds like the same people coming up with the arbitrary numbers that are obvious nonsense regarding corona, have now began arbitrarily screwing up NPK. Nonsense at this high a level can only result in less popularity. dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

  4. Now whats up with all these first gen cameros? There nice…..I like them, but it seems as if one person makes a certain combo work everyone jumps on the train. I can think of at least 4 people with the first gen. TTVE ALWAYS!!!💥💥👊🏼👊🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  5. I have almost lost all interest in Big Tire/NPK as a whole. It seems to have become nothing but an Arms Race with ProLine being the only true winner. I would much rather watch the little guys running 28×10.5 where nobody has anything in common, other than all having the same size tire. It's far more interesting seeing all of the different combinations. It's pretty stupid watching a bunch of cars all powered by ProCharged ProLine Hemi's running round, with the odd 959 cube Nitrous engine. NPK has been ruined by it's own success. It's turned itself into NASCAR where every car looks the same, with NOTHING relatable, but in this case, all powered by ProLine engines that cost more than their fans homes that many live in. UNRELATEABLE.

  6. My son, Grandaughter and I were at Tulsa, it was an awesome experience…
    Ryan and Lizzy put on a helluva race…
    Wait until you see the show!!!

    No one "protested" Lizzy.. That's why she didn't get into trouble.. A protest HAS TO BE MADE BEFORE the racer in question starts their race… Simple…
    After the fact is too late..

  7. The worst thing about this 'testing rule' is that if someone tests at a track that is too close to the event track, they will only get disqualified if someone lodges a protest.  The way I heard it , Lizzy and some other drivers from her team tested at a track that was too close to the event and many people knew about it but no one lodged a protest.  Then the next week comes around and Murillo and Birdman broke the rule and someone lodged a protest and they think it was Lizzy's team.  Many people are saying that this rule has been broken numerous times this year without anyone protesting until Murillo and Birdman got busted.

  8. You have the proof right in front of you.
    SHE WON. I guarantee you that if a lesser known or somebody not as popular would have done this they would have been D Q d!!
    Plain and simple unfair advantage.

  9. It's real simple, Sim you're exactly correct, if someone /proves/ someone else violated a rule, the NPK organizers should enforce their own rules. What seems confusing is that NPK doesn't /police/ their own rules. Maybe they'd clarify exactly if they /police/ their rules, or just /enforce/ the rules after a submitted protest. #TTVE

  10. In regards to the DQing that occurred in Tucson. Someone called out Birdman and Murillo for testing at the actual track within the 2 week window. So they were cut from the race. At that point other drivers were brought up for breaking the 200 mile rule at other tracks in the past but since they weren’t protested at those specific events they can’t just go back and pull points and trophies. So it seems that it matters when you actually protest it, if you get away with it good for you but if you get caught well you knew the rules.

  11. I don’t get the switching cars if Ryan Martin has the same set up in both cars he could in theory really testing and the infractions have to be contested

  12. Well if they want to start disqualifying people for testing too close to a facility host track that's within 2 weeks or sooner of the event and up to 200 miles away from that facility, then I figure 3/4 of all cars that compete would be disqualified at some point. I mean really why should it matter because it is basically pro modified cars on a semi sorta prepped surface At worst almost all of the tracks they visit and I think they should let them test like crazy because these cars are running mid-4 second and some low 4.0 second passes at best because of the surface and safety is a good reason to let them test but also seeing a car making as fast as a pass as possible on that type of service is what keeps the fans happy and nobody wants to go out and destroy a vehicle or get someone hurt possibly with a untested or very limited tested car

  13. This style of Drag Racing, is as selective and full of favoritism, as any other form of drag racing and I would guess whichever team or teams that brings the most positivity and growth along with money to this organization, wouldn't see much trouble or even any at all for anything they shouldn't be doing but that's my guess 😂

  14. Okay.. yes it has a lot to do with weather and other things but you said something that doesn't make sense.. it's called no prep for a reason right? So why should you be able to test LOL to see what I'm getting at?

  15. They need to do away with the call out bullshit. That way you earn your spot and it's not given to them. Team members call out each other with broken cars is a chicken shit move. Run your cars and earn your spot.

  16. All these rules are dumb, steel roof and quarters and a safe chassis should be the rules. They are going to Nhra them self right out of business. I knew they were going to ruin NPK'S. So much for an Outlaw class.😐

  17. The way they have the rules setup works, the 200mile testing is a big deal. The 200mile deal is supposed to help lower income teams who cannot test every day compete. Now look at who has won this season literally every combo other than single turbo. Ryan is winning not because he has a setup better than anyone else but because they have a amazing team. And the points are very close with double points in the last event.

  18. Sim, the way I understand it according to multiple YouTube channels including Swanstroms was this. Swanstrom told Kye that he couldn’t get first round points from the bird bros call out bc the birds were broke. New rule this year. Kye lost those first rd points per Swanstroms objection . Pat Musi got pissed off at Swan so for some reason he objected to Murillo and Birdman testing before Phoenix within the 2 week rule and got them DQ’d. Murillo and Birdman knew that Lizzy had tested before a previous race but since they didn’t lodge a protest BEFORE the race, nothing could be done. Hope I explained it well.

  19. The problem is that Pilgrim should be the sole enforcer. They should not let racers or their crew to bring up accusations. All credible organizations enforce their rules, they don't wait for drivers to bring up accusations.

  20. I don’t think NPK will ever been taken serious among the masses Intel they allow Steve Jackson to compete. Non of these guys cars could run the numbers in a real sanctioned event. It’s looked upon as Entertainment Soap Opera Racing with staged outcomes just like Professional Wrestling.
    Think about it? Would the WWF want a guy out the stands body slamming Hulk Hogan ? Hell No. It would ruin their brand. I think keeping Steve Jackson away from NPK protects the NPK brand. Because everyone who knows anything about Drag Racing knows who Steve Jackson is and what he is capable of doing with a Race Car.
    Personally I think allowing him in NPK would only Blow Up the Internet and add a whole another level to the NPK brand.

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