Bradenton Motorsports Re-Opens and a little Moonshine!

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  1. It was a fun event to spectate! Too many racers though. Glad I didn't even try to race. Heard most people only got to run 1 time. @2:22 is my bike in the background. m/

  2. no offense but there's no scenario where this car is racing on a track in 30 days … there's at least 2 months left if you devote every day with two full time experienced race car builders

  3. I think you went a little too far on removing body parts. It reminds me 25 years ago when I attempted to rebuild a 67 Malibu convertible and cut so much off of the body and the floor pans and the trunk pans that I never could get it square it ended up going to the junkyard. I was so upset. If I would have had an extra $5,000 I would have paid a body man to put it back together the correct way. But when you're 25 years old you don't have much extra money lying around. RIP 67 Malibu convertible!!!!!

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  5. Use respirators when spraying man, ive spray painted small shit in front of a fan with filters, and the amount of overspray is alot more than you think, and its really bad for your lungs bro.

  6. I can't believe the number of American You Tubers who don't care about their health.

    It's clearly a cultural thing 'cause safety seems to be way down the list for pretty much every channel I watch. It used to be that way where I live too, tough to not care and only pussies wear things like eye & ear protection and respirators. Nowadays though it's just considered to be stupid not to consider personal safety & health.

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