Billy Albert Pro Nitrous Crash at Maple Grove Raceway!

Both Drivers were okay after the Accident!

Billy Albert has an Accident in Qualifying Round #1 of Pro Nitrous at PDRA Event at Maple Grove Raceway!
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  1. Can’t believe Scriba didn’t run into him when he came over like that. Must have been on the brakes pretty hard. Great job helping Albert get out.

  2. Some pretty good driving on the other car. These guys race hard, and will be the first to help each other out in these situations.

  3. That was some driving on Fred Scriba. I can’t believe it slowed down that fast.That was the grace of god. Other driver hit the wall head on. Chassis builders now build some good cars.

  4. He should of felt he was knocking the tires off and pulled out of it. I also think they were low on tire pressure. I was a pit boss for long time and that would always be my biggest fear among 20 other things in the pit.

  5. I was there saturday for eliminations the track was tricky and loose saturday also. As usual when the shade got on it tightened up. Great weather for mid August high of about 82 and low humidity no rain.

  6. Think the fire responders need bigger extinguishers then those silly aerosol cans would’ve been scary if was a real fire

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