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I prove a point.


  1. Can’t wait for the dyno mule! I’m sure you’re already going to do this, but I’d keep a few cams around too, maybe like 220/240/260 @ .050duration cams for certain tests, so everyone can get a real idea of what makes combos good and bad. I know that’s a lot of dyno time, but that will definitely be good for the channel!

  2. Hey Eric I personally appreciate all of the info you give us in these videos. Sorry you had to debunk the troll. Take care of yourself and thank the wife for filming for me.


  4. when I had a cardiac cath they used conscious sedation, fentanyl + versed.

    I don't think they can put you under at a normal doctor's office, fentanyl maybe though

  5. I can confirm, a bent valve with valve spring on head can pass vacuum test and compression test on engine but show bent when removed from head and spun in valve grinder (or sometimes apparent to the naked eye).

  6. It's amazing how damaged parts will often test well, and even run well, when they are actually bad. That's why everything needs to be checked carefully.

    Thank you for all you do.

  7. I have seen bent valves seal too. That guy who said it wouldn;t seal has no experince clealy. I last night ended up in the ER ironicully about heart stuff. I was taken o the hospitsal by ambulance. I am now may have heart issues as well . I was working on my Bronco crawled out from under because I had a wierd arm and leg pain and started to get dizzy as hell and passed out thught maybe I just I got up to fast but was already dizzy when the leg and arm "cramp" started, they let me back out to go home said everything to them looked "okay" but my blood pressure is really high for my age. I go to a primary doctor on Monday to get refurred to a cardioligest now. My family runs with Heart Problems my mom died 12 years ago from a massive heart attack at age 46. I'm only 28 now. Scary stuff not fun at all I am just in the beganning.

  8. Just ignore the non believers. You don’t have to prove yourself to people who have no direct knowledge or have ever vacuum tested a head themselves. I know by watching you that if there’s a variable you didn’t know you’d say it. Keep doing what you do and take care of your heart and keep the content coming. It’s enjoyable.

  9. I’m glad your procedure went well, is your heart condition anything like what Carrol Shelby was dealing with? Does it affect you at all when you’re racing?

  10. I have a buddy who's pacemaker leads went bad and he would just go into a-fib at random. He go so used to it it was just routine for him. He just had the pacemaker replaced and seems to be doing well. Hopefully you don't have to go that far.

  11. Glad , you backed off swimming for now. By description the procedure can “ fix” or help the afib. It kills some heart muscle but keeps the rhythm and blood flowing in the right direction.

  12. Jeeesus lol I have been watching these anesthesiologist videos by random on YouTube. Weird you were awake the whole time. I have been put to sleep for a few very minor procedures, have many more in my future. The valves on that head look huge! Funny how the camera makes things look.

  13. Sorry that your going though the health issues. Hopefully all goes well moving forward. Is it possible the vibrations from porting the heads has any influence on it?

  14. I had open heart surgery back in January Eric, I certainly hope your doctors are being thorough, only 14 months before my surgery I had the groin camera procedure and was given a "100% all clear no blockages", quite the surprise when I found out one artery was 99% blocked, 0 blockages to 99% in 14 months.
    Good luck Eric on your procedure.

  15. Obviously he doesn't work on engine's, not to know that, if they were higher tensile then they would break, being less tensile it bends, great video thanks, all the best to yous and your loved ones

  16. Only with a false sense of knowledge should someone doubt what you say! it only takes 5 minutes of one of your vids and any knowing technicians will listen, maybe offer different opinions of the same facts but to discredit what you say with out the parts in their own hand is just dumb.

  17. Not worth mucking about with the heart mate. Do what you are told. On another note, have you done work on 4.7 jeep heads and did you get good results? Im considering having a shot at my heads when I rebuild the spare motor.

  18. Hey Eric,…Really appreciate your channel's informative content & please take care of your heart issues…..I have an iron hemi head with a pair of just Slightly bent valves (from valve to valve collision contact) & that cylinder (with good 8000 rpm springs) pumped Zero psi compression & very little vacuum test reading & I considered that to be normal expected Consistent test results as I can see small light test valve to seat leakage….Can you Please demonstrate & explain how that Bent valve with that Gross amount runout can possibly hold any cylinder compression psi or hold any near normal vacuum test….The hard seats & stiff valve head just Can't be flexing near enough for the normal good vacuum test result Unless the valve guide & seat is cracked broken & allowing the valve head to somehow self center & seal up…..I just don't get this at all since my slightest dinged valves won't seal at all…..Thx again,…..tom

  19. Hey Eric,
    Tim here,…….whatever/whoever that troll was, is just a MORON, or thinks he knows……as in my last comment, we BOTH know …………the troll hasn't had enuf experience on engines/heads AT ALL!!……love the idiots that open their mouths, and nothing but pooh comes out……like i closed my last comment……DONT BE DR. EGO…….LEARN SOMETHING……shut up and learn, or ask a question, DONT BASH CUZ YOUR STUPID!!……ok, kinda pissed me off, cuz i know, but you addressed it in a VERY PROFFESIONAL fashion!!!!…KUDO'S to you sir!!!!…PEACE!!

  20. A bent valve can seat fully. The spring pressure will pull it into position to seal. The problem is the bent valve may seal and test good but it will scrub the valve seat until the seat and valve no longer seal.

  21. You need an ablation proceedure which interferes with nerves signals from upper and lower parts of heart ..won't go into aphib anymore ….look it up

  22. I have a .040” over 400 that you can use if you want. It’s been raced about 15 nights in a circle track car then around 1500-2000 miles in a C10 pickup.

    Mahle flat top forged pistons, stock 5.7 rods with ARP bolts, and Scat cast crank. Has a set of ported oem Vortec heads on it with a hydraulic flat tappet cam.

    I’m not that far away from you. Marysville, KS

  23. Just a quick question. I have a 3000 lb car running a personal best of 5.902 @ 116.0 mph on a sbc , n/a. I know it’s a general, all things considered, question. I believe I’ve maxed out on 23% sbc n/a. Enderlie injected fuel system.

  24. The higher the spring rate the more it will straighten a valve out and seal it up.
    This is great advice!
    Titanium is even worse. It is very flexible. If you have a mishap with cam timing or you install a piston wrong, never rely on a compression test or a leak down test.
    Take the heads off.
    Nothing like spending 60plus hours on a set of heads then having the customer call you up explaining that they forgot to toque down their belt drive.
    I explained this to them and they did not want to believe it. They owned leakdown testing equipment and went with that and another reputable builder’s advice.
    Those exhaust valves were bent so bad the stems exploded the valve guides in the heads.
    Brad new set of 18 degree Brodix Big Dukes with 2.400, 1.900” valves in them.
    No room to grow. Without a bunch of welding those heads were pretty much just along for the ride following this.
    It does wear on me when this is the case.

  25. It's actually rare for a provider to knock you out or put you to sleep in order to synchronize cardiovert you. I do think it was odd that the provider administered 250mcg of fentanyl as the analgesic. This really isn't a sedative. 5mg of midazolam IV or 20mg of ketamine IV would have been a bit better suited. Cardioversion of atrial fib is rough, for our protocols, it's 200 joules. Most say it's like getting kicked in the chest by a horse.

  26. I cant believe people cant understand that a bent valve can seal. Valve bore could be wore a little which would still let the valve move to a sealing position. Turn it and then it could leak….

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