Big Name Drivers Getting Disqualified from NPK – No Prep News Episode 101

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  1. I just want to be clear that the purpose of this video is to talk about what happens if and when big names get disqualified. Not necessarily who gets disqualified. The names I named in the video were just simply for context. Thanks everyone for watching!

  2. Any/all callouts should be done in the drivers meeting. After that it's game on. I don't care if it's for cheating, a car doesn't fit the rules, etc., if you don't call it out before the race, don't be mad after the race.

  3. I have watched all the shows and have seen the racers pull all kind of tricks to win . With that being said , do you think that some of the other racers knew about it but said nothing until the end so that Lizzy would be disqualified ? I wouldn't put it past certain ones on the show .

  4. If she is found breaking the rules for certain , she should have been notified before she raced and not let her race that race . Now , sense they did let her race , the points and the money should go to the person she ran in the last round of the compatition .

  5. Now will they call Daddy Dave. Because apparently he tested at thunder valley 10/27/21 before heading to Colorado. Source is he admits it in his latest YouTube video

  6. Mike Murillo won’t be invited back. That’s what happens when you criticize the king’s daughter. Shoulda kept his mouth shut if he knew what was best for him??

  7. No money or No fame allows you to cheat or do whatever you want to win! She needs to be DQ’ed and pay the money back she “won” unfairly! Props to Mike Murrillo for keeping the NPK fair!!!

  8. It don’t matter because where she supposed to test her car, and that goes for all racers, even with testing you can still break your car, so what would be said at that point. We are drag racers and it’s still not an advantage to you.

  9. She's not the only one that has done it every drag racer knows the track changes hour by hour so it say let it go she won the race because she was quicker on that day. Just how I think ….

  10. Your not aloud to test 2 weeks prior to a race….14 days? They cant test on a track that they are going to race on…the track will change 14 times in 14 days lol stupid rule if you ask me!

  11. If she broke the rules she should be disqualified from that weekend event.And it should go to the runner up.So she should get punished and lose points for that event to.💯🔥💪🏻🙏🤫

  12. First of all…Mike who? Team Texas is an embarrassment and I’m from Texas! You know what people who loose do?!?!? They complain and cry about everything! When your on top the crabs in a bucket will constantly pull you down. Looks to me team Texas needs to get their stiff together. If mike spent as much time prays big and wenching as he does on that keyboard he would be good…but instead he chooses to be a looser. Keep crying and they will keep winning enjoying life……your choice

  13. Try sneaking by any rules in any other sanctioning body! NHRA,PDRA,RADIAL RACING, NASCAR! ANY of them. They will absolutely take your points, winnings, & probably kick your ass out for a certain # of races! If we don’t have rules, we are Animals! If they let her slide, then they need to let everything slide! Maybe the turbo guys should pull 100lbs off there cars? Never mind, if you take a car to a track, when the weather is identical, you can test the shit out of the car & make anything & everything perfect! It’s a gigantic advantage! Why do you think 🤔 that when they bring a big race @ someone’s home track! It’s normally a local racer that wins 🏆! It’s called home track advantage! It’s absolutely the same if you go make a bunch of hits on a track specifically right before the race! If you gave everyone the same amount of testing, just about everyone would’ve have there shit perfect! Very sad 😢 that they have every advantage almost 1000 cubic inches, lockup’s, 6 stages of nitrous! Never mind there hundreds of pounds less than everything else, never mind basically brand new engines, just about every time they roll out! You don’t see Doc & other nitrous guys going thru there shit every single race! Unless they broke! Very sad! 😢

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