Big Name Driver QUITS NPK – No Prep News Episode 132

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  1. Honestly they have enough people they could start a 2nd NPK series and for the grand finally the winner of both series race to be the ultimate King on NPK

  2. Wow SIM I have a lot to say today bro, 1st off I don't know what your fascination with this Justin kid is but he is not all that and a bag of chips the way you portray him. I kind of think maybe hes a friend of yours are a family member or something because between him and his father their personalities or anything but likable!!! Well on screen anyway but, then you talk about how you are so happy to see excitement in a whole Nola final to me that sounds like you're very much now anti 405 OK so I don't know what's going on with you lately but you're going in a weird direction here bro!!!

    I am confused SIM

    Help my understand?? Swanstrom?? Why is he Your God?? I thought Chief was your go to Racer,???

    SIM I love and support what your doing but your going down a dark road. Stick with what got you were you are kid, Big Chief and the 405 no??

    JoeSkylark ✌️

  3. How can you do these videos when you dont even recognize the cars and drivers. ??
    The red 55. Everyone knows thats chuck 55

    The gtr is john odum. This just shows me you are just a mouth piece. You have no clue what you are talking about.

    If you were a Swanstrom fan like you claim you would have known Swanstrom and odum (blue GTR) had a grudge race Friday night for over 17 grand pot.

  4. About Boosted Ego bro, very sad news but you can't blame him really. These Cara are seriously out of control and ate so freaking fast that I hate to admit this, but, without this ridiculous Chase is a race crap, yes I said it's crap, but bottom line is, without it, you would have a repeat winner or two tops, so this is why they not only use the Chase is a race crap but also they wouldn't have a TV show!!!

    All for TV nowadays bro.

    I find myself questioning the entire show now. Is it all staged?? Scripted??

    I don't know Sim amd definitely want you to elaborate on these things?

    BTW, Sucks without Big Chief. Period, I DVR the 3 hours, watch zero content and fast forward to the individual races. I can watch the 3 hours in like 20 or 25 min. They don't deserve my 3 hours of attention.

    Get the Main Guy who started this whole franchise back guys

    No Chief No show IMO

    Not a Knock on Sean, cause he stepped the F up for these producers. They shuf be catering t9 him cause he picked up the Slack you created by letting Chief Walk. I don't care for whatever reason, he started this and should be in every dam episode!!! We want Big Chief guys


    JoeSkylark ✌️

  5. Reality is it is so expensive to travel on this circuit never mind being competitive. So if your likely to go out first/second round each leg why go through the expense? Ultimately it’s a rich guys sport to be competitive you have to spend $$$. Let’s face it Their cars cost more than houses. You will have to fill the loss of slots with racers with $$$ and in all likelihood that won’t happen. Maybe they can sustain this momentum a bit longer but everything that goes up must come down.

  6. Screw NPK . They keep changing the rules playing games that cost most of the racers money some really don't have to blow on a race car . F*** npk and most so called street outlaws when cars can cost 150,000 bucks . Have a races were NO Power Adder's are used no full race chassis . Car most have factory floors and upgraded rears . Want to run a 1000 inch motor , fine . Limit tire size too to 28 -10.5 Then cars could run 1/4mile or 1000 feet depending on road your on like we all did years ago .

  7. Yo sim I'm not so sure about them having teams coming in if they have any brains they would get some racers who really are going down unprepared streets like beater bomb and Billy da kid to name a couple and all the other fast as shit guys getting some of them guys on the show I'm sure would not hurt 🤔 why they don't have big tyre small tyre don't make no sense ? But having said all that I am just a huge fan of the show but anyways I hope the show gets better and on the npk side they needs to fix the rules man 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Dropouts come from people facing the reality that without a sponsor you could possibly go bankrupt. They all raced before but not on a nationwide schedule. All that costs lots of cash like Reaper said, this is his last shot because to win like Ryan could cost you a fortune. They have been priced out. Just like Top Fuel, Funny Car, and Pro (chevy) Stock in NHRA.

  9. You didn't talk about the new race on Friday night. The top 8 racers in points race off for points and I think I heard 15 k . Ryan won that against Jerry bird. Because of that Ryan , Jerry and Kye are tied in points at I believe 25.

  10. I seriously think some "unnamed" drivers thought of this bounty on Ryan Martin. He's just that damn good and he's a good dude flat out, we've met him in Tulsa a few years ago.

    Honestly, some of these guys can't compete anymore other then run their mouth after getting waxed on the road. Really need to bring in some of the big boy lambos and gtrs to keep it interesting. I like all racing, bring it on!

  11. That's the dumbest thing iv ever heard if they did put a bounty on Ryan, I mean Ryan is like 2- 8 against lizzy, so in my book Lizzy is faster then Ryan. Hold on I forgot they let drivers like swan pound RACE in a series named STREET OUTLAWS, N.P.K. & HE HAS NEVER EVEN MADE A BURN OUT ON A STREET.

  12. Don’t feel one bit sorry for Reaper. If he was dumb enough to show up with one spare supercharger and a budget of 50k for a 15 race season , he was wasting his time and money. Not to mention the fact that dude can’t drive and he’s always tearing something up.

  13. It’s funny that John Odom was in the invitational. Kyle beat him first round. I think he may have run a couple future races last year but can’t be sure. Why does Kallee Mills have to keep running the future class year after year without getting invited? I guess since Odom is a millionaire, he was able to buy into the invitational.

  14. If posts about the Wasabi Supra are an indication, that GTR is going to get so much hate when JDM IG pages find out about it

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