Big Fight At NPK!

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  1. Swanstrom didn't shoot oil! It was a blown fuel line.

    That makes Aikens the one who caused the crash because he was GAWKING at Swanstrom doing his version of a 300 foot long roman candle. Aikens is 100% wrong. There was oil done and all the fuel that blew out in Swanstrom's car blew out on the LEFT side inside the hood which meant that none went into Aikens lane.

    Don't let anyone twist this. Swanstrom is one hell of a driver and Aikens gets an E grade for gawking and then dead hooking on Swanstrom (who was already on fire).

    Swanstrom is a frigging driving machine for what he did, keeping it straight and in his lane. Aikens was an idiot who should have chucked chutes and stopped but he was too busy looking at Swanstrom.

  2. Pat needs to remember….Lizzy has wadded up several cars herself. Not that I’m attaching Lizzy, but I’m sure Pat wouldn’t appreciate someone degrading her driving after a crash.

  3. There have been fights ever since racing started.Ive seen it from Dirt tracks to Nascar,to NHRA.IT's like Hockey you kinda expect it.I will say Musi does it in some kinda Joe Biden dementia way

  4. Hey can somebody point out what was the deal with big country after Justin and Dave wrecked what was the deal with big country trying to fight somebody or people. Was it over this Dwayne Mills and Pat musi deal. I try not to keep up with it on social media plus I don't get on social media and YouTube too terribly low for anything straight outlaws related cuz all you hear is people whining or talking s**. I have the people that are doing the s** talking don't even know nothing about what it's like to race or street race I don't even have a race car or fast car but they're an expert. If somebody knows what that was all about and don't mind replying to my comment I'd appreciate it thank you

  5. Pat better be happy that it was Dwayne Mills that jumped on to him and not daddy Corey because Corey would absolutely hurt him.. That stuff don't need to be going on anyway and I remember a time when Lizzie used to have some not so good driving moments in her early Pro mod days but she has really improved over time since then and I've always liked her as a driver and she has always had a great personality but Pat has always been a high tempered Jersey guy

  6. Right on the Money Sim.. Pat adds that angry Ol' Grandpa element to the show.. Plus – Mama Musi is out there lining Lizzy up every race showing us that family dedication aspect which makes great TV.. Aannddd, Pat's engines are humming right along with the pack. I think we'll see Pat's jaws flapping for a long while to come..

  7. So the same moron, using his daughter for privilege, is allowed to repeatedly do the same thing with no consequences. Awesome, some coward old man hides behind his daughter, money and his security and assaults people but it's OK because his daughter is hot. And it's OK with everyone?

  8. Another version was shared that once Pat's jui jitsu goon put DeWayne Mills in a rear naked choke on on the ground that Pat was kicking Mills. At which point I'm wondering why no other racer jumped in to help Mills. Mills should choke out Musi with Musi's own suspenders. The dude clearly has never been punched in the mouth because everybody kisses Musi's ass. Show would be fine if Musi and Lizzy left the show.

  9. Funny that Musi says that these racers can't drive, but didn't Lizzy wad up Bonnie on a perfect track in great weather? Who can't drive?

    Also, I heard the comment by Musi was, "well looks like we don't have to worry about Swanstrom racing this weekend" or something to that. Them Mills supposedly said, "glad to know you're still an asshole Pat". Then Pat thought he was 30 again and retaliated.

  10. Pat mouth prematurely Opened again. Dwayne Mills is a big man an Handled himself, I don.t think you have the whole fight correct. Swanstrom an Mills are tight, Pat's Lucky Big Country was on the other end of the track. Swangang an The Mills have 100percent more Class than Pat Musi. No Class Pat. Has nothing to do with Lizzy or Kye. All Pat

  11. I'm just gonna throw this out there and I'm sure noone will confirm it.. but pat is the reason the rules got changed because he cried the nos cars were at a disadvantage.

  12. What you think they wont kick Pat out cause of Lizzy or they wont kick lizzy out for her fathers behavior your crazy they damn sure got rid of Cheif when they supposedly had enough and in my opinion there would not be a Street Outlaws or an NPK if it wasnt for Cheif.

  13. Actually, pat, didn't lie. These, dudes can't drive unless under perfect conditions. Kye, chief, Shawn, Dave, & some others are real street drivers in any conditions

  14. Pat has always been a smart-ass from way back. I believe he thinks he's better than everybody it's not the first time he's ran his trap I'm sure it won't be the last time someone's going to snatch his old ass up and end up hurting him real bad.

  15. It's called an opinion! Mills should have just minded his own business. We don't always agree with other's opinions but you can't attack someone because they have a different view. Hopefully Mills learned a lesson.

  16. wtf did pat want justin to do, he got hit while already on fire? what miracle driving was he supposed to pull of. pat just cries and cries, gets his combo the most weight breaks and complains anytime one of his drivers loses for any reason. maybe he should look at how many cars lizzy has smashed up. him being in npk has actually hurt his legacy and its sad.

  17. I don't think your right Sim, NPK would rather have Kallee Mills than Lizzy. And let me also say
    Pat Mussi better be glad Big Country didn't here him say that.
    Corey would have stomped a mud hole in Pat Mussi's ass.

  18. People should say shit about other drivers not being able to drive after a crash occurs either. Pat is too damn old to be doing this shit and his crew choking dude out and stomping him is Bullshit. Dewayne was fighting pat not 4 people and pat

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