Big Chief Joins No Prep Kings – Street Race Talk Episode 182

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  1. On one of the chief and Shawn show episodes he talks about running down a shit ton of fence poles while racing it way back in the day.

  2. I think the car in between JQ and Chucky is a Monte Carlo, and could Mike Murillo have moved to Detroit? Great vid sim!

  3. Big cheif isn't the biggest name in the street outlaws world for nothing and no matter what you might think about jj da boss gotta respect him. As always the people who know the least have most to say keep up good work slim and look forward to next Saturday morning

  4. I have been a fan for a long time. I remember when you didn’t even have adds on your show. Last week I made a comment about you click baiting again. Sorry if it got you upset but at the moment I wrote it I did t understand at all why you put that image of the 56 up. And I may of even called it a 55. I’m not sure. But I am not an idiot or a hater. I enjoy your show and am amazed about how well you do at such a young age. Your a car guy and I like listening to car guys talk. That doesn’t mean I have always understood some things you said or agreed with them. But if I’m one of the guys who made you mad this week I’m sorry.

  5. Larry Larson ran the atsv caddy and truck at the Kansas NHRA event. Clocks on for the truck. Off for the caddy but rumored a high 3sec pass.

  6. Great video as usual. Always listen on my way to or from work. Had me thrown last week on the pic of the 56. Finished the video and realized you never touched on it lol

  7. THANK YOU, AND it's absolutely about time BIG CHIEF JOINS THE SHOW, NOW THE REST OF THEM NEED TO JOIN THE SHOW, MURDER NOVA FOR SURE. I think that F&A need to build a new car to be on the list.

  8. Here is my thought…..who is Chiefs biggest competition…….Ryan Martin and Daddy Dave. Both in the No Prep Kings…..I think its his way of keeping up with the competition

  9. I don't have any inside info or anything like that so you could be right but I do know a while back cheif and Shawn did a live stream and said he was going to do some no prep stuff but he didn't sound like he was going to do then all but I hope he does he is my favorite but anyway great video keep up the good work

  10. Hello Sim another good episode I don't really care if Big Chief joins no prep if you guys. Sucks means we have to look at his girlfriend some more his sidekick is Yoko Ono yeah I'm sick of seeing those two

  11. I've seen the black monte carlo next to Johnny quick run at Milans back half track race an it's pretty fast definitely a competitor on the street

  12. The race in Memphis was 8 teams (cities) paired up against each other with the winning city lining up against Memphis for $100k. 6 cities have raced thus far leaving Detroit vs (I forget who they drew to race) to be determined in the first go round. Brian "Chucky" Davis is the team leader for Detroit and guaranteed when they race that Detroit will not only win but sweep the other city 7-0 and bet a $1,000 as to his confidence. As for Fight night all I have to say about that is the quickest way in the world to get punched in the mouth is to bring up a mans wife or mother or kids. If you want to talk shit about a guys car thats one thing that can be easily handled put em in the street and handle it. What wasnt covered was the other fight between Texas and New Orleans. That was a shit show did not need to happen. The producers made a decision and a crew member/spectator got physical with a couple of big name race drivers. I am just glad that no one was seriously hurt in that incident. It was an interesting taping thats for sure so glad I was there to witness it. Also would like to say to the driver of the early second Gen Camaro that wrecked is, hope you and the car are back out doing it big again real soon.

  13. Great video Sim, do you think Big Chief would think about that one time he raced Chunky if he likes up nx to him again? At least have alil thought

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